Expo Tattoo Panama

28 – 30 Апреля 2017
Панама | Panama
Expo Tattoo Panama

Expo Tattoo Panama 2017, in our Sixth Edition new theme Raices “Guna Yala” the indian region, south of the Province of Darien better known as San Blas, is the theme chosen in order to highlight the colorful Panamenian folklor in its various areas and customs.

We reaffirm that we are Expo Tattoo Panama, a modern art movement that seeks to promote body art, painting, plastic arts, and environmental enthusiasts. To do this we promote our message through culturally conscious minds and we look to expand our horizons bringing art everywhere, regardless of race, nationality or social class.

The Atlapa Convention Center will be again the epicenter of this main event, on April 28th to 30th 2017 in ATLAPA Convention Center, lounges Taboga and Contadora, with 100 stand on display, more than 200 international and local tattoo artists, from of Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Mexico, United States, Spain and Panama, exhibition of DJs and music artists on stage, human suspension show, parades of panamanian designers, choice of Miss Tattoo 2018,brands promotions and more!

With the support of the Tourism Authority of Panama A.T.P. as well as all our sponsors and our more than 4k local and foreign visitors who joined us in the past Expo Tattoo Panama 2016.

Expect more of our Tattoo Artist Gallery 2017 ..

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