20em Lyon Tattoo Convention

11 - 12 Февраля 2017
20em Lyon Tattoo Convention

TICKETS The entries will be sold during the fair from 11 to 12 February on the spot.

PRICES 15 € per person 25 € Weekend, free for children under 12 years old.


Gones Tattoo Ink presents the 20th Lyon Tattoo Convention that will take place on 11th and 12th February, 2017 at the Double Mixte. This event grows from year to year thanks to the participation of a large number of tattoo artists who are constantly growing, they will be more than 280 this year, accompanied by various stands of jewelry, clothing and various accessories, as well as Entertainment, music, dance, magic, suspension, television and film artists etc. We will accompany you throughout the weekend. The Organization has existed for 20 years thanks to a handful of volunteers who are passionate about this Art that strives all the year to make known this craft and the merit of those who exercise it! We hope this weekend many of you will come to discover all artists come from the four corners of the World. Jerry & Béné from the association Gones Tattoo Ink.



Art’Ink –(Simon) 69550 Amplepuis Art Skull Tattoo –(Stéphane) 83210 La Farlede Alex Tattooshop-(Alex) 72500 Château du Loir Aleksandr Noir-(Alek)Rostov-sur-le-Don, Russie Art Polynésien Tattoo-(Pako) 38100 Grenoble Atom Ink– (Rogers,) 22000 Saint Brieuc Arxe Tattoo– (Robin, Jessica & Ossian) 69001 Lyon Angel Tattoo-(Julien) 42390 Villars Bad Grass-(JC) 69003 Lyon Black Sheep Tattoo- (Loic, Emilie & Lionel) 38000 Grenoble Black Ink Tattoo-(Sylvain) 89000 Auxerre Black Pigment-(Fabrice) 43120 Monistrol S/L Bartek Tattoo-(Bartek,Kevin,Yan & Luca) 1205 Genève Suisse Blossom Tattoo- (Vincent, Philippe & Jonathan) 69001 Lyon/ Blue Galleon Tattoo-(Nico & Jipe Valdez)13090 Aix en Provence Big tof Tattoo– (Tof & Turbo) 7971 Basecles, Belgium Big White Studio-(Niko) 60000 Beauvais Body Luxe-(Eliot) 74330 La Balme de Sillingy Bodyworks Tattoo-13001 Marseille Body Ink-(Simona Lodini, Giuseppe Alesci & Felice Bucca) Somma L Italie Boun Tattoo-(Nico, Willian & Shake) 69007 Lyon Bloody Cult-(Franck) 95310 Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône Calad’Art Tattoo-(Franck & Yann) 69400 Villefranche/Saône Caro Tattoo-(Caro) 34760 Boujan Chez Frenchie-(Sarah) 69005 Lyon Chris Tattoo Shop-(Chris) 83330 Le Beausset Classic Art Tattoo-(Luca) 21052 Busto Arsizio (VA) Italie Circus Ink-(Max) 55100 Lucca Italie Création Tattoo-(Gabriele Savio) 10153 Torino Italie Cracheur d’Encre-(Mathieu) 57350 Spicheren City Ink-(Séb, Mandy & Philippe) 38690 Le Grand Lemps Couleur Acier-(Brigitte) 38110 La Tour du Pin Darwin City Tattoos-(Blue) 0800 Darwin Australie Dante’s Studio Tattoo-(Dante) 06000 Nice David de Pertuis-(David, Manon Océane & Jean Luc) 84120 Pertuis Devil’s Mind Tattoo-(Davide) 00146 Rome /Italie Derm Hospital Tattoo -(Thomas, Audrey Zelda & Cedric) 38950 St Martin le Vinoux Démographe 65– (Berny) 38150 Roussillon Dragon’s Fire Tattoo-(David) 1530 Payerne Suisse DJA Tatouage-(Jean Alain) 95210 ST Gratien Dove & Gerry STC-21000 Dijon Dixie Freak Circus-(Laurence) 62000 Calais Eastern Tattoo-(Emeline) 30126 St Laurent des Arbres Empreinte-(Nico ) 69001 Lyon Eternal-Ink -(Loren) 45190 Beaugency TATTOO ARTISTS FULL LIST

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