4th Vietnam Tattoo Convention

11 – 12 Марта 2017
Вьетнам | Ho Chi Minh City
4th Vietnam Tattoo Convention

Tattoo convention plays a big part in tattoo community. This is an annual event for all artists from Vietnam and around the world come together.

This year, we guarantee:

Our participating artists: We strive to bring you the best possible playground. With our strict scoring system but effective, with professional artistic intuition of world renowned judges from the world and Vietnam, the outcome is honourable and worthy to those who win.

Our visitors: There will be many activities, including mini games, performances as well as tattoo-exclusive products for you to bring home. To make it better, we invite international artists from different industry such as: Sana Sakura from Japan to perform traditional Japan dance (Hannya, Tengu), Taiwan famous heavy rock metal Maggot Colony… Of course there are unique motorbikes exhibition and many more...

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