Slinging Ink Tattoo Expo

03 – 05 Марта 2017
Slinging Ink Tattoo Expo


The Slinging Ink Tattoo Expo is like no other tattoo convention. It is an “Expo” produced by a production company who has experience in marketing events. Unlike, the traditional tattoo conventions we do not have classes/seminars for the artists.

We are an expo that focuses on entertaining ALL audiences at our event, not just the artists. Our priority is to bring attendees to visit each and every one of our artist. We create a marketplace of artists/vendors who are able to market their product or service to over 8,000 people in a 3 day period. For our attendees we try to give the most value for the ticket cost they pay to enter the expo.

They have the opportunity to see artwork of over 150 tattoo artist, tattooing on site specializing from color, portrait, black/grey, to old school to name a few. The consumer is able to browse through portfolios and compare work of different artists in one location instead of traveling from shop to shop.

There are also an array of things to do at the expo if you are not getting a tattoo or have no more “canvas space” left. We have live music throughout the weekend, Human suspension, the enigma side show, tattoo contests, and Tattoo Legend, Lyle Tuttle who will host a question/answer session throughout the weekend.

So again, we are not a convention we are an expo produced by a production company who has the expertise in marketing to the public. We offer the best marketplace of tattooing to our attendees as well as the best in entertainment. Our artists are usually booked non stop throughout the expo, so book your appointment before you come out!!

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