Goa Tattoo Festival

13 – 15 Января 2017
Goa Tattoo Festival

TICKETS INFO INR 1000 R’S (day pass) INR 1900 R’S (3 day weekend pass) Will be available on the door of the show


Welcome to the 2nd Annual & International Goa Tattoo Festival. After the success of last year, the festival will again bring together some of the best international tattoo artists in the world and mix that in with the amazing tattoo talent of some of India’s best tattoo artists.

The show is not only a celebration of tattoo art, and will feature entertainment, live music, a stunning art gallery, live art displays, market stalls and traders and much more. The venue Tito’s Whitehouse, features beautiful grounds, an open air swimming pool, multiple bars and that amazing unique & authentic Goa vibe.

The 2nd Goa Tattoo Festival will be bigger and better, we hope you can join us.


Bimal Rai – JADS TATTOO,NEPAL John Ma – JADS TATTOO – NEPAL Jimi May – Little Tokyo Tattoo Mukesh Waghela – Moksha Tattoo Studio Mesut Bayraktar – Fat Fugu Guido Schmitz Akitsu Tomo Pramod Deshmukh – LEO Tattoos Immortal Rishabh – Immortal Tattoos Michael Banting Yogesh C. Waghmare – LEO Tattoos Das Niloy – Lizard’s Skin Tattoos Alex Shimray – Devil’z Tattooz Eric Jason D’souza – Iron Buzz Tattoos Lokesh Verma – Delhi’s famous Devil’z Tattooz Julian Siebert – Corpsepainter Tattoo & Piercing Hanumantra Lamar Emma Garrard – The Living Art Collective Ash Härrison – Villkat Arts Claire Hamill Tattoo Artist – Semper Adem Senturk – Fat Fugu Sean Guthrie – Sailor Max Tattoo Parlour Simon Smith – Sailor Max Tattoo Parlour Jessi James – The Crow Quill Tattoo Studio Bogdan Paul Tattooist – Sailor Max Tattoo Parlour Matt chahal Jeremy Furniss Guy Le Tatooer TATTOO ARTISTS FULL LIST


FRIDAY (Judging Begins at 7 PM) Best Of Friday

SATURDAY Best Small Colour Best Small Black & Grey Best Traditional (Western Or Eastern) Best Tribal / Blackwork Best New School Best Of Saturday

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