Steirer INK

08 - 10 Июня 2018
Австрия | Gratkorn
Steirer INK


Gratkorn Kulturhaus
8101 Gratkorn,

This is a complete city festival inside and out, 3 colorful days for the whole family from the grandson to the grandma the whole with about 50 international tattoo artists and piercing artists, regional and international craftsmanship, Exhibitors, showmen, we present for the culinary delights, a tasteful and creative wine route, foodtrucks and regional and international dishes, as well as microbrewers with their craftbiering offer, the whole is not too short for the little ones, besides hupfburgen and many play possibilities there is a children’s drawing competition with many prices. An offer for schools, parents and teenagers will be given at a talk about tattooing, piercing, aftercare and hygiene, for women a consultation on “breast cancer tattoos” and much more, the whole is organized in and outdoor on over 15000sqm. more about this in the near future …

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