Tattoo Show Saint Petersburg

18 - 20 Мая 2018
Россия | St. Petersburg
Tattoo Show Saint Petersburg

Dear friends and colleagues,
elcome to the Saint Petersburg Tattoo Show 2018.

Thanks for constructive feedback of the Tattoo Weekend 2017. Your praise was pleasant and your criticism boosted us for changes. In 2018 we reload the event in the new format, changing its name and location.

New Name – «Tattoo Show»
The purpose of our convention is to introduce Russia to the amazing world of Tattoo art. We invite the professionals from all over the world, to show Russian fans and novice artists the tattoo culture in the best possible way.

Everybody will be involved in the show:
• Active and prospective tattoo owners;
• Experienced and novice tattoo-artists;
• Modern art lovers.


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