3°edizione Millennium Art Tattoo Convention

09 - 11 Марта 2018
Италия | Fasano
3°edizione Millennium Art Tattoo Convention

The 3nd edition of the Millennium Tattoo Show of an event on the art of tattooing, will be made in late July in one of the southern Italian location that best lends itself to accommodate enthusiasts of the genre, in a territory like Fasano, now the goal of characters world of entertainment that, in its picturesque setting, discharge their moments of relaxation. Located on the Adriatic coast a few steps from the sea surrounded by many tourist cities such as Bari, Monopoli, Castellana Grotte, Alberobello, Savelletri, Torrecanne, Ostuni, Brindisi, Lecce, Taranto. A format with strong potential to be realized in an important commercial center for the occasion becomes spectacular area thanks to an offer strongly geared to meet the expectations of a user multi target surely projected to appreciate its contents soaked in culture, recreation and entertainment .I tattoo artists and national and international merchandising will ospiati in the salon EXPO FASANO of 3000sqm ON THE Fasano (BR) with stairs, escalators and lifts.

It will also feature a supervisory security service that will oversee all operate the event to ensure the greater safety artists.

There will be national and international artists of the tattoo. Also they will be held various shows, including Burlesque, Street artists, and musical groups. At the end of the Exhibition there will be the Contest of tattoos where they will be awarded to the three best works in each category. He will also be awarded the girl wearing the most of their tattoos with the title of Miss Millennium Art Tattoo in 2018 …

There will also be a contest for the body painting
VARIOUS CONTEST by category tattoo

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