Nepal Inked Tattoo Festival

05 - 07 Октября 2018
Непал | Pharping
Nepal Inked Tattoo Festival

Sixty tattoo artists going on a journey together. Five days outside of the city. Working together. Creating a space.

This is the new concept of Nepal Inked.

In times of commercialization of tattooing and the unclear expansion of conventions, we decided to take a step back. The team of Nepal Inked wants to create an alternative space for more personal interaction between tattooists and their artworks. The access to the festival will be limited to follow this headline. As we cannot identify with the mentioned commercialization and our wish is to create something according to the context of Nepal, we decided to leave Kathmandu and take the visitors to a journey to Pharping, around 15 km away from the capital. We will provide a ground with appropriate working spaces, a camping ground and optional housing (Homestay or Resort), but furthermore the opportunities for activities like hiking, climbing and visiting monasteries are given. Surely, there will be also music and other art to enjoy. Altogether, five days and four nights will be spent together, including the journey to the village and three scheduled days for tattooing. During our stay, we will grab the opportunity and hike the beautiful green environment, visit the temples and monasteries around the Newari town, which is known as a site for Buddhist pilgrims. Also, there will be many of opportunities to exchange with the locals and an evening together with music and food will be organized. We believe, that there is more to experience and share with each other and the people around us than simply the profession we follow in our daily lives.

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