Lebanon's 3rd Tattoo Festival

06 - 07 апреля 2019
Ливан | Beirut

BIEL Furn el Chebbak
Emile Lahoud highway,
Furn El Chebak،

Starting 12 noon every day

Tickets sold at the door
1 day pass: $15
2 days pass: $20
3 days pass: $25
*** if you book a tattoo session with any of the artists at the festival prior to event day, then you will not pay the entrance fee!***

Lebanon’s 3rd Tattoo Festival

We are back again this year, bigger and better!! Believe that! Again, your one stop shop to get inked by the best around in Lebanon as well as many talented international tattoo artists joining our inking madness this year.

Following last year’s success and since the launching of the 1st tattoo festival in the country, we are ready to make it a greater experience this year.

All tattoo artists participating in the event will be tattooing live for 3 long days in an indoor venue, well organized, clean and away from smoking and eating!

Fun competitions and much more keeping you entertained, so let the inking begin!!
We have much more to reveal, but not JUST yet!

Steps to getting inked at the Festival:
1. check out the artists’ social media pages
2. Choose your artist
3. Contact your artist and book for a consultation
4. Meet with your artist to discuss your tattoo
5. Get inked at the event! (without paying entrance fee)

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