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Inked Circus Tattoo Expo

16 - 18 августа 2019
Канада | London

London Convention Centre
300 York St, London,
ON N6B 1P8,

Commencing August 2019, Inked Circus will be bringing LIVE Tattooing Events to Many Parts of Canada.

First stop. We’re bringing The INKED CIRCUS TATTOO EXPO to London Ontario, Canada Aug 16-18th, 2019.

The INKED CIRCUS TATTOO EXPO brings together hundreds of amazing Tattoo Artists from across North America for a thrilling showcase of talent. Expect to see LIVE tattooing, education sessions and engaging seminars plus a non-stop Circus that is full of awe inspiring spectacles make for a thrilling weekend for fans of alternative culture.

We’re changing what the NORM is for Tattoo Conventions.

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