Sawo Tattoo Convention 2019

22 - 24 февраля 2019
Финляндия | Leppävirta
Sawo Tattoo Convention 2019

Sawo Tattoo Convention is coming back one more time after several years. First one was held 2003 in the small town of Leppävirta, North Sawo, Finland. FEBRUARY 22. – 24. 2019 it will still be the same town, in Vesileppis Hotel, Sport and Spa Centre with lots of national and international artists, vendors, bands and other entertainment connected to the world of tattooing.

We sincerely hope to bring back the same atmosphere we had 15 years ago.As a guest of honor, Mr Bill Loika from Amsterdam
Otherside Tattoo Collective (FIN)
LuckyAki’s Full Throttle Shop (FIN)
Tino’s Tattoo (FIN)
La.Escobar Familia (FIN)
Ironbeard Tattoo (FIN)
Individual Ink (FIN)
Tattoo JKL (FIN)
Body Ctrl (FIN)
Scar Team (FIN)
Down Under Tattoo (FIN)
Hard Rock Tattoo (FIN)
Studio Laura Koski
Tattoos by Jones
Janne Kvist
His Master’s Tattoo, Haparanda (SW)
Josh Hall (US)
Tassos from Honest Tattoo (GR)
Bad Bones Tattoo (PT)
Riccardo Martinelli, The lord & The lion Tattoo parlour )

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