1st Skopje Tattoo Convention

25 - 26 мая 2019
Македония | Skopje

VIP Arena Sports Center Boris Trajkovski Building
Partizanski Odredi 5, Skopje 1000

In order to keep the young and creative spirit of this place, we are organizing an international tattoo convention that will be held for the first time in Skopje-Macedonia. All young artists receive the participation as well as the already well-known artists. As honorary guests, professional tattoo artists from Germany, America, the Netherlands, Cyprus and many more will be invited.

The location Small Hall Boris Trajkovski and officially starting from 12:00PM.

The program for the first day starts with the production of graffiti on paper, children’s ballet group, oriental dance, body-painting (drawing of temporary body images), music groups and in the meantime registration of artists for the competition will take place in most categories
of black – white tattoos that will be made live.

The categories in which artists will compete on the first day are:

  • small black and white 10×10
  • large black and white
  • realism black and white (without portraits)
  • oriental
  • dot-work
  • Maori​

The program for the second day starts with DJ and then continues with music groups, the whole event will be enriched with the best performance, world famous dancers from the field of aerial dancing, pole dancing, fire dancing, as part of the honorary guest who come from England and France. Registration of the artists for the competition and the production of tattoos will be conducted in the same way as the first day, but this time the artists compete with tattoos in color.
The categories on which artists will bid on the second day are the following:

  • small color 10×10
  • large color
  • realism in color (without portraits)
  • old-school traditional
  • portraits

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