9th Bergen Tattoo Convention

10 - 12 мая 2019
Норвегия | Bergen
9th Bergen Tattoo Convention

USF Verftet 
Georgernes Verft,

The 9th Bergen Tattoo Convention will take place May 10-12th, 2019 at beautiful USF Verftet. Save the date, and join some of the world’s best tattoo artists for an unforgettable weekend of body art, competitions and jaw dropping live entertainment.


18:00 Convention opens
21:00 Best Small One
22:00 Best of Friday

11.00 Convention opens
15:00 Best Big One
17:00 (Sardinen) Claus Pedersen, acoustic guitar
18:00 Best Traditional
19:00 Best Black & Grey
20:00 Best Colour
20:30 (Røkeriet) Claus Pedersen, acoustic guitar
21:00 The Fuel Girls
22:00 Best of Saturday

11:00 Convention opens
13:00 Best Oriental
15:00 Best Realistic
18:00 Best of Sunday
18:30 Best of Bergen Tattoo Convention 2019

*all competing tattoos except “Best Big One” and “Best Oriental”, must have been done at BTC 2019. Every artist competing must be attending to this year convention”.

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