3rd Timisoara Tattoo Expo

The 3rd edition of the Timisoara Tattoo Expo will take place on 15-16-17 of November 2019, and it comes with a new location “Prestige Events” (bd. Vasile Parvan no.5).

Every year, this event is the result of a beautiful collaboration between the tattoo artists, cartoonists or painters and the music artists. These 3 days will bring to you the art of tattoos, complementary arts, music, live concerts and other artistic moments and workshops.

Now you can have the chance to discover the background of each artwork and the entire creative process. Over 40 tattoo artists will be live tattooing, share their style and creativity and at the end of each day they will engage in a skill contest where they will present their tattoos. The best tattoos will be awarded by the jury.

Stay closed !

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