Attention friends: due to the Covid19 pandemic laughlin river run and Ink mayhem tattoo convention Laughlin have been canceled for April of 2020. We are sorry this is happening but for the safety of our patrons friends and family. We always look forward to seeing you all. Everyone with Ink Mayhem, Laughlin river run and the Golden entertainment wish you all the best during the very unexpected and unprecedented situation. Please stay safe and help one another. Our Las Vegas show has not been canceled for early October 1st thru 4th.
Please stay updated here. Or on our website

We will all ride together again. We just have to get through this. I’m a jokester but this is a serious situation so please for the sake of your family friends fellow Americans and human kind. Please take this seriously. This will last as long as we let it. If we all work together we can snuff this thing out and or carry us long enough for a turning point on the attack against Covid19. Prayers to all


Colorado Belle Hotel and Casino
Laughlin (Nevada),2100 S Casino Dr
Laughlin, Nevada 89029
United States

Ink Mayhem Laughlin Tattoo Convention is coming up soon.

The festivities take place in Laughlin NV. At the Colorado Belle. Located on the Colorado river. This is a 4 day event with competitions every day. There is going to be a lot of people and a lot going on. The event will offer a variety of attraction including performers, music and other entertainment. Don’t miss out on miss mayhem tattooed hottie competition.

Watch this girls work for the prize money and photo shoot and spread opportunity. Also every year we have the inked icon awards celebrating and honoring the kings and queens of tattooing. The show happens in the midst of two motorcycle rally’s. We are a poker stop. So all will come

See you at the Ink Mayhem Laughlin Tattoo Convention!


  • Catfish Carl
  • Bert Rodrigues
  • Star Savedra
  • Nic Mann
  • Christian Navarro
  • Josh Napier
  • Brent McMichael
  • Norm Mangum
  • Angela Marshal
  • Anthony Prince
  • Jason Vaughn
  • Jason Hickel
  • Caleb Conheady
  • John Corral
  • Josh Marcano
  • Karina Ortega
  • Marcus Montoya
  • Matthew Keyite
  • Shayne Wooldridge
  • Nanda Wooldridge
  • Mondo Aguayo
  • Giovanni Ruiz
  • Nicole Kullman
  • Alex Truxillo
  • Ruben Gonzales
  • Robert Gomez
  • Adrian Reyes
  • JJ Gomez
  • Daniel De la Riva
  • Wacky
  • Dakota Gilbert
  • Gee Ellis
  • Josh Muzzy
  • Trisha Carter
  • Katie Bink
  • Kevin Owings
  • Alex Delgado
  • Ozzy Lima
  • Charles Smith
  • Thomas Spitznogel
  • Frank Flores
  • Hector Galindo
  • Tommy Megallon
  • Anthony Megallon
  • George Christian
  • Lance Paulk
  • Mark Melenson
  • Mike Hawkins
  • Enrique Torres
  • Carlos Bernal
  • Joe Garcia
  • Pete Large
  • Brandon Beach
  • Sergio Silva
  • Isaac Contreras
  • Victor Lopez
  • Randy Lockwood
  • Crystal Bravo
  • Chris Espinosa
  • Jesse Zarate
  • Daniel Duran
  • Joe Rodrigues
  • Tommy Martinez
  • Gary Shepherd
  • Alberto Villadarez
  • Joe Sandoval
  • Alan Angeles
  • Blake McNeil
  • Peter Sun
  • Joelle Truax
  • Jory Allen
  • Kay Welch
  • Don Elefante
  • Mike Baltierra
  • Chris Curren
  • Heather Weakly
  • Andie Pena
  • Jake Eliseu
  • Derek Rubright
  • Luis Gonzales

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