Formosa Tattoo Expo 2020

11 - 13 сентября 2020
Тайвань, Китай | Taichung City




We, as organizers of the Formosa Tattoo Convention, have just received an official document from the government stating that any public events with more than 1000 attendees are forced to cancel or postpone. We are not canceling, but rather are moving the Formosa Tattoo Convention to September 11-13th, 2020. We sincerely apologize for this sudden but necessary change and look forward to hosting the convention in a safe environment. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, and we hope to see you all soon.


Taichung World Trade Center
No.60, Tianbao Street, Xitun District,
Taichung City, R.O.C
Taiwan, China





Welcome to the Formosa International Tattoo Expo – A total of 17 awards will be assigned in three days. This competition is part of the official tour of the German Cheyenne. The competition judges are Cheyenne officially certified artists and internationally renowned tattoo artists (have participated in foreign competitions).

Cheyenne will assist in all competition content and regulations and provide sponsorship for one year of the championship.

Taiwan is an island state, four seasons distinct, full of tourism resources, including traditional architecture and temples, Wood and stone carvings, one of the most important countries of Asian Arts!