Suscon Australasia Tattoo Convention 2020

23 - 26 января 2020
Новая Зеландия | Christchurch
Suscon Australasia Tattoo Convention 2020

New Zealand

Suscon Australasia Tattoo Convention

  • PLEASE NOTE: This event is limited to only 50 registrations

This is the follow up to our first Suscon Australasia Tattoo Convention in 2015 and will again be hosted by Skindependent Suspension.

The purpose of this event is to promote education giving us all a chance to share safe techniques and a great opportunity for the community to learn and grow together.

This event is being held in CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND.


Thursday 23rd January – All day open discussion roundtables + hands on workshops

Friday 24th January – All day suspensions

Saturday 25th January – All day suspensions

Sunday 26th January – All day suspensions

(possible installation on the Sunday)


We will be using the YMCA again for lodging. It is situated in the middle of the city and has a restaurant, café, gym and climbing wall. There are different room options to choose from, depending on how much you want to spend.
Please note, it’s best to book as early as possible as the world buskers festival is on at the same time.

  • FOOD:

Light refreshments (tea, coffee, juice, water) and fruit will be available, there are also kitchen facilities on site, however this is a small kitchenette so is not ideal for prepping food – just storing and heating.
There are a number of eatery options available close by, including cafes, restaurants as well as a supermarket.


Buses are available for transport to and from the venue to the city when needed. There will also be a number of attendees with cars making trips and available for transport. Sharing an Uber is also an option if needed.

  • VENUE:

We are lucky enough to have been able to secure a 2 story venue on the beach. 5m high ceilings with 3 dynamic points, 1 x static point as well as a cube – there may also be another point available however this will need confirming closer to the time.

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