Due to the unforeseen global coronavirus pandemic, we have been forced to cancel and postponed this year's event.

Your safety is top priority, and it is our responsibility to guarantee the safety of the participants, visitors and crew.

We will be back in 2021 on the reserved dates of 2 – 3 – 4 April (same location)

All advance tickets purchased will be honoured for next year's event, as well as the reservation fees already been given from the participants.

We thank you all for your continued support at this difficult time.

Stay safe 


Carob Mill Restaurants
Vasillisis Street
3602 Limassol

Cyprus International tattoo Convention

Endorsing artists from all over the world.
Three days full of Ink, art, music & fun.



11:00 Artist set up & registration
13:00 Doors open
15:00 Registration for contests
18:00 Tattoo Contest (Black Work)
19:00Tattoo Contest (Color small)
20:00 tattoo Contest (Black & Grey small)
21:30 Tattoo Contest (Best of the Day)
23:00 Doors close


10:00 Artist set up
11:00 Doors Open
12:00 Registration for contests
13:30 Awards design in calligraphy style by Royal Venom
15:00 Tattoo Contest (Ornamental)
16:00 Tattoo Contest (New School)
17:00 Tattoo Contest (Old School)
18:15 Special SHOW from FUEL GIRLS UK
19:00 Tattoo Contest (Realistic)
20:00 Tattoo Contest (Best of the Day)
21:00 The Great Machine – ISRAEL
23:30 Doors close


10:00 Artist set up
11:00 Doors open
12:00 Registration for Tattoo Contest
12:00 Calligraphy body art painting by Royal Venom
13:30 Tattoo Contest (Dot Work)
14:30 Special SHOW from FUEL GIRLS UK
15:00Tattoo Contest (Color Large)
16:00Tattoo Contest (Black & Grey large)
17:30 Arcadian Child – CY
19:00 Tattoo Contest (Best of the Day & Best of the Show)
20:00 Doors close

General Information / Rules

  1. All judges are impartial and unbiased. All entries are considered fairly and equally upon their own merit.
  2. The performing artists remain anonymous until awards are presented; judging is based solely on the technical and artistic qualities of each tattoo.
  3. Tattoos must be complete to enter.
  4. Tattoo models must be present during registration.
  5. All tattoos entered into the contests must be performed by artists in attendance at the convention.
  6. You can enter in each category with max. 6 tattoos (5 new & 1 old).
  7. Each tattooist can participate with 1 previously done tattoo in each category.
  8. A single tattoo can be registered in only 3 different categories (ie: Best color or best realistic or best of the day)
  9. Unfinished tattoo/s can only be completed and enter into the contest only if a fairly considerable work must be done during the convention.
  10. Both the tattoo artist and the collector must be present to receive their trophies. In the case that either is absent, trophies will be awarded to the runner up.
  11. If you are a judge you may not enter any category you are scheduled to judge. You also may not judge a category that one of your artistic pieces has been entered into. If you need to be excused from judging a specific category an alternate judge will be provided.
  12. Photographers from multiple tattoo and life-style magazines will be present to photograph contest winners and participants. The Cyprus Tattoo Convention reserves the right to publish these photographs for promotional and for documentation purposes.
  13. May the best tattoo win.

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