Dortmund Tattoo Convention 2023

Messe Dortmund GmbH
Rheinlanddamm 200,
44139 Dortmund

Dortmund TattooCon 2023

Since 1994 TattooCON has been something very special, for the 26th time we will open our doors and celebrate with visitors, leading brands and international world-class tattoo artists.

The heritage and cultural history of tattooing is now the foundation of modern life and individual lifestyle; a very large and growing group of creative modern people!

TattooCon sets the standard for all tattoo fairs through innovation! We bring the facets together under one roof.
+1000 tattoo, piercing and street artists as well as canvas graffiti artists, manufacturers , trend companies and over >20K visitors get the platform to creatively unfold, to present their art and products and to see and set new to see and set new trends.

In addition to the latest techniques, care products, games, sneakers, barbers, food trends and drinks new offers and products, as well as influencers and celebrities who will be celebrities who inform themselves on site and set the scene! Today, tattoos are works of art, an expression of individuality and a part of modern life!

With works of art, it’s all about the details and the taste. The quality of tattoos has developed enormously in recent years. Millions of people are enthusiastic about this art and cannot get enough of high-quality images on the skin. Thus, a completely new perception and presence of
tattoos has been established.

As a tattoo session usually lasts several hours, both the person to be tattooed and the tattoo artist and their companion need time. We offer more than just an ideal platform for their product.
But we don’t just have tattoo enthusiastic visitors, TATTOOCON is the lifestyle & trade fair of today!

Thursday, 01.06.2023 14:00-22:00
Opening Schulungs-/ Workshopbereich

Friday, 02.06.2023 14:00-23:00
Opening Day 1: 26th TattooCON

Saturday, 03.06.2023 11:00-23:00
Opening Day 2: VIP-Aftershow-Party (open end) with top DJs and celebrities

Sunday, 04.06.2023 11:00-21:00
Opening Day 3: End of the Show

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