Queer Tattoo Expo 2023

House Blivande
Södra Hamnvägen 9, 115 41 Stockholm,

Queer Tattoo Expo Stockholm 2023

WELCOME to Swedens first Queer Tattoo Expo!

Saturday, May 13th StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm invites you to experience tattooing, a performance, an art expo, social cafe/bar at Blivande by Frihamnen, Stockholm.

The program might change some so keep updated while we get closer here or on Insta / Facebook.

Some tattooers will take bookings, and some only drop in. Contact the artist you are interested in directly with your questions!

Queer Tattoo Expo will be free to visit in the daytime from 13-18 hs. From 18-02, the entrance will be 150 kr.

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