2nd Taipei Tattoo & Music Festival

03 - 05 August 2018
Taiwan | Taipei City
2nd Taipei Tattoo & Music Festival

”My tattoo is a kind of persistence,
My music is a kind of blessing,
We stand for faith, a herald of life.
For what they say I am incapable of doing,
I will do it right
For what they think I am out of power to be,
I will prove them wrong
It’s a stage, on it, I am shouting without fear
It’s a life, in it, I am holding on to bravery
Those unforgotten and worth remembering are all on me
Those sorrow and happiness will keep on rolling
I won’t stop, the faith is with me ”

The Taipei Tattoo Show a great for three days of high energy entertainment from 03 to 05 August 2018. Artist and Vendor Booths are filling up FAST!

Contact us now to secure your booth at the best Tattoo Show in Taipei. The 2018 line up will feature over 100 of the tattoo artists from Taiwan and around the globe under one roof.

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