3rd Space City Tattoo Expo

16 - 18 Februar 2018
Vereinigte Staaten | Huntsville
3rd Space City Tattoo Expo

For years we all have participated in tattoo expo’s around the country, and some were good and some were not. Just like some tattoo shops are good and some are not. It was my desire to provide a show for my tattoo peers and for the people of my community that is devoid of all the problems we all complain about at conventions but still come the next year anyway.

Cheap corner cutting and money hungry organizing; cheap food and shitty trophies; crappy half done screen print shirts that we buy just because we came;
less than desirable hotels or convention halls that make you stop tattooing at 10pm.

Well I intended to change all that with The Space City Tattoo Expo!
And for the first time in tattoo history, a tattoo expo was held in a W brand Hotel, with unparalleled lodging and service on hand dedicated to our comfort!

From stylish show shirts, to four star finger food & a top shelf selection of alcohol & beer; to the live not obnoxiously loud music we plan to provide inside and live reggae & jazz performances, every artist who attends will know the difference and want to come back next year!

My personal goal is NOT to ‘turn a profit’ off this show, rather I want to give back to tattooing and its wonderful people who have done so much for me and mine! Cheers everyone! I am extremely proud to present my show to you for a second year! Please come, enjoy yourself, and experience a different type of tattoo convention.


11am: Artists setup & unload
3pm – 12am: Open to public
Noon – 12am: Open to public
Noon – 6pm: Open to public


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