Convención de Tatuadores de Ciudad Bolívar

26 - 28 Januar 2018
Kolumbien | Bogotá
Convención de Tatuadores de Ciudad Bolívar

Everything a commercial center destined to the presentation of big brands of tattoo supplys, national brands the best in tendencies, furniture and furnishings for tattoos, supplies of the best quality, marks representatives in the industry to level and international.

The 100 best artists leaving their talent in three days of art without limits this time we will reward the best of the event with a motorcycle type model 2017 totally new or equivalent in money.

1st tattooists event with its own video game museum Presentation of products, seminars and conferences on materials and quality of each product. Cosplay presentation and for the first time duel of giants we will reward: the best steel giant the best cosplayers, besides the best artist of Body Painting, graffiti and aerography.

We will have animated nursery for your children with artistic presentations of: puppets entertainers clowns all day dedicated this space for them and that parents can enjoy the event.

Area of ​​leisure and fantasy a space so that artists, distributors, representatives of brands can rest and leave a little of the routine of the event
Activities like bands and live music artists, dj’s, discounts, surprises and much more.

Remember that this is a cultural event for the whole family, where the most important thing is to learn, share and educate about a millenary art thanks to the great national and international exponents that will accompany us.

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