16th St. Petersburg Tattoo Festival

08 - 10 Juni 2018
Russland | St Petersburg
16th St. Petersburg Tattoo Festival


Hall “Moscow”
2, Alexander Nevsky Square
St Petersburg

The 16th Tattoo Festival will be held on the 8th – 10th of June 2018 in Saint-Petersburg.

Saint-Petersburg Tattoo Festival is a three day event devoted to the tattoo art, body modification and body art. During these days tattoo lovers will enjoy and evaluate the creation of true under skin art masterpieces. Participants will have a chance to discover and try in practice the cutting-edge technologies in body decoration and meet the most extraordinary people from all over the world, who have dedicated themselves to the most intimate kind of Fine Art artistic Tattoo. In addition, festival guests will get an opportunity to observe the entire process of tattoo creation, ask questions and consult professionals.

Saint-Petersburg Festival program will be overflowed with diverse shows: extreme piercing show, fire-show, freak-show, striptease show, art installations and performances, every day concerts of rock and hip hop bands. In the exhibition more than 60 tattoo-studios will represent their achievements in tattoo industry. The best of them will fight for the prizes in 20 nominations.


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