20th Tattoo Convention Prague

18 - 20 Mai 2018
Tschechien | Praha
20th Tattoo Convention Prague

Prague Tattoo Festival was created in 1998 under the official name International Tattoo Convention Prague.

We wanted to bring tattoos and body art closer to art so that they were not just associated with criminals. Which was how they were perceived due to the communist regime in that time.

All over the world these conventions are taking place. People can get tattoos from people they would have to travel to foreign countries for and tattooist meet and share experience.

The first year in Prague was held in the sports hall on Strahov and visitors reacted neutrally, because people didn’t really know what to expect. In the following years however, attendance and interest from people increased, which really pleased us.

After being numerous years in the Barikadniku community center and afterwards six years in Slavia sports hall, the tattoo convention settled in the Prague exhibition center in Holesovice, which is the best venue for this convention.

During our history there have been many interesting artists in our side programs, among singers H. Zetova, A. Brichta, V. Cok, James Cole and groups P.S.H, Prago Union and Arakian.

In one of our features, the freak show, Crazy White Sean from Holland has visited many times and has always gotten a big response. The Finnish Circus Mundus Absurdus and Hell piercing show from Prague have also visited.

Every year has its own Miss, who is voted by the visitors of the show. There is also a fashion show, children’s corner, and other activities connected to body art.

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