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Advertising for tattoo artists

The audience of iNKPPL Tattoo Magazine is more than 5 millions of tattoo fans from around the world. Among them: your future customers, colleagues, artists, sponsors and manufacturers of tattoo equipment, famous persons of the modern world of tattoo culture, and many others!

Advertising on iNKPPL.com will help the tattoo artist to find new customers, stand out, show his art to an international audience and attract the attention of world-famous sponsors.

Do not miss your chance!

Popular promotion and advertising options for Tattoo Artists

Tell about yourself to the whole world in an Exclusive Interview

- Interview with a Tattoo Artist via email or social networks.
- The opportunity to tell in detail about yourself to international auidience of iNKPPL.
- Representing your talent with 10-15 published tattoo-works in the article.
- Exclusive cover on the main page of the magazine for 1 week.
- Repost the interview to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest.
Cost: € 340
The examples of Interviews on iNKPPL

Show your talent to the world in an article on iNKPPL

- Article of no more than 3000 characters. The article includes a story about the artist, his works and the style features.
- Presentation of 10-15 of the best tattoo-works of the artist.
- Repost the article to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest.
Cost: € 140
The examples of the articles

Head the list of the Best Tattoo Artists of the World on iNKPPL

- Creating and fixing an artist's profile at the top of the list of the Best Tattoo Artists of the World.
- Portfolio of tattoo-works.
- Links to social networks Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc.
- The opportunity to stand out and to attract attention.
- Get new customers from the one of the most popular iNKPPL pages.
Cost: € 100 per month
The list of the Best Tattoo Artists of the World

Marketers and designers working in the advertising department of the magazine, will help you to choose the optimal format for your advertising.

Advertising prices

Placement Description Duration Multilingual Price
Sponsored content An article with a story about a tattoo artist, style of tattooing, etc. The article includes 10-15 photos from the artist + repost on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Unlimited YES € 140
Interview The format of remote (email, social network) interview with the artist. The article includes 10-15 pictures from the artist + banner on the main page for 1 week + repost on Instagram, Facebook, VK Unlimited YES € 340
Rotation "The best tattoo artists of the world" Fixing the profile of the artist in the rotation "The best tattoo artists of the world» 1 month - € 30
Rotation "The best tattoo artists of the world" Creating and fixing the profile of the artist in the rotation "The best tattoo artists of the world» 3 months - € 80
Advertising placement in Instagram Time and date of placement are discussed individually. Advertising publication must have: high-quality image / does not violate the rules of Instagram, the theme of the ad must be related to the tattoo. The editors reserve the right to refuse to post without explanation. Unlimited - € 30
Advertising in Instagram Stories Single publication in Stories Instagram 24 hours - € 15
Week of advertising in Instagram Stories Daily publication of ONE advertising in 7 days 1 week - € 70
Month of advertising in Instagram Stories 1 time in a week, 4 week in 1 month - for ONE advertising 4 times in 1 month - € 70

* multilingual - publication in two versions: in Russian and English;
** the set of services is not final and may vary as agreed with the Customer.