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The iNKPPL Tattoo Magazine has over 5 million of tattoo fans from around the world. Among them are your future clients, colleagues, artists, manufacturers of tattoo equipment, prominent figures of the modern global tattoo culture, as well as many others!

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The magazine’s audience is over
5 000 000 people from
217 countries
and more than 5000 cities.

This is a Russian-speaking and English-speaking (North and South America, Europe, Asia) audience fully involved in the tattoo industry:

- TATTOO FANS (future clients of artists and shops);
- TATTOO ARTISTS, from beginners to world-renowned professionals;
- Owners and administrators of TATTOO STUDIOS around the world;
- MANUFACTURERS of tattoo equipment;
- Tattoo equipment STORES, accessories, clothing.

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Advertising on iNKPPL

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