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Advertising for tattoo studios

With the gain of popularity of tattoos, competition is growing too between tattoo artists, shops and studios. In order to get new customers, you need a little more things than just open doors.

For tattoo studios and shops iNKPPL magazine offers effective advertising formats that will not only attract the attention of new customers to you, but also increase your brand awareness and popularity, as well as allow you to exchange experiences with foreign colleagues and involve sponsors.

Do not delay your success for later!

Marketers and designers working in the advertising department of the magazine, will help you to choose the optimal format for your advertising.

Additional Services for Tattoo Studios

Placement Description Duration Multilingual Price
Review article about tattoo studio An article with a story about a tattoo studio, the format of its work, a brief acquaintance with masters, etc. The article includes 10-15 photos from the owners of the studio + repost on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Unlimited YES € 250
Article series A series of three articles about the tattoo studio, to attract additional attention of the audience. Each article in the series is accompanied by a repost on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. The articles will issue within a month. This format is perfect for those who have a wide range of services and products. Unlimited YES € 600
Interview The format of remote (email, social network) interview with a representative or owner of the studio. The article includes 10-15 photos from the owners + repost on Instagram, Facebook, VK Unlimited YES € 500
Rotation "The best tattoo studio in the world" Fixing the profile of the studio in the rotation "The best tattoo shops and studios of the world» 1 month - € 200

* multilingual - publication in two versions of the journal, in Russian and English;
** the set of services is not final and may vary as agreed with the Customer;

We are also open to dialogue and your suggestions. We are ready to provide an individual format of advertising especially for you.