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13th Bordeaux Tattoo Convention 2017 | 1-2 april 2017

06 / 08 / 2017 iNKPPL Tattoo Magazine
13th Annual Bordeaux Tattoo Convention 2017 / Photo: www.conventiontattoobordeaux.com

Throughout history and in different cultures, the number 13 has been associated with bad luck or supernatural issues. For Maya culture this number was considered sacred, because they represented the three lunar phases. In ancient Nordic cultures this number identifies an evil deity named Loki, who propitiated the death of the favorite god Balder. In the West the thirteen is considered to attract bad energies, with a supposed origin of this superstition in the fact that in the Last Supper of Jesus with his apostles sat at the table thirteen individuals and one of them ended up dying, possibly because of Of the most famous betrayal in history. But like so many things in this life everything is relative and the 13 is the favorite number of the witches and the occult. This figure in German culture is related to the goddess Freya, who identifies with love. In the Tarot this number is interpreted as death and its hidden meaning represents change, the death of something and the birth of something else. And as for the pragmatists, 13 is just one more figure. It is well known that lovers of the Art of Tattooing are very much given to let their minds fly free without limits or prejudices and therefore for the thousands of visitors of this edition of the International Convention of Tattoo of Bordeaux and its numerous participants the word Coincidence is meaningless and if everything happens for something, usually dominated by something called destiny, the fact that in issue number 13 of this event the organization has received the news that the already legendary Tavern of the Bavarian International Fair go To be demolished after the event, is considered as unequivocal proof of the renovating character of number 13, which on this occasion dies the usual venue of this great convention to give way to the birth in the next edition of a new enclosure, Symbolically the convention grounds re-emerge from their ashes as the Phoenix in the 2018 edition, so that the convention continues to growing and evolving. The huge influx of visitors of the last editions had already motivated that in this edition the organization had installed numerous stands in the outside area of the entrance, to yield all the interior space to the tattoo stands. So the news that this year the venue will disappear was received as a new challenge and an extra motivation to select the ideal venue, possibly in the center of the city, to host participating tattoo artists from various continents, shows and spectacular performances. Thousands of visitors that make during a magical weekend the most quoted liquid in Bordeaux is not the wine but the ink. Everyone who has enjoyed these 13 editions and knows the organization minimally has no doubt that at the Bordeaux Tattoo Convention the best is yet to come.

Inigo Abril


See photo report from organizer of 13th Annual Bordeaux Tattoo Convention 2017 - Inigo Abril

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