The Unconvention 1RS - first Russian professional tattoo industry conference

26 / 09 / 2019 Alexander Ledovskih
The Unconvention 1RS - first Russian professional tattoo industry conference / Photo:

At the end of last week, on September 20-23, took place the event which the whole Russian tattoo industry was looking forward to. The event, which in its format is completely different than familiar to us tattoo conventions, during which artists work and compete for the title of best. The event that was surrounded an incredible amount of questions: for whom and why? Well, we got the answers!

The Unconvention 1RS brought together professionals from all over the world on one stage at the recreation center House by the Sea in the Leningrad Region. During all the days of discussions, the speakers raised topics related to both industry professionals and beginners in tattooing, from organizing a workplace in the studio and professional ethics to promoting artists and the medical aspects of tattooing, from color scheme to legal norms and rules in the modern tattoo industry.

The Unconvention 1RS, Saint Petersburg, Russia

The speakers of the first Unconvention 1RS were widely-known, successful professionals from all industries closely related to tattoo.

Vlad Barikhin, aka the world famous Vlad Blad - shared his thoughts on the future of the tattoo industry;

Elsa Erdnyaeva, a dermatovenerologist and cosmetologist with more than 10 years of clinical practice, told the participants of the Unconvention about the risks and dangers that a master may face when dealing with infectious patients, how to recognize them and what to do in each case to avoid problems;

The Unconvention 1RS, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Buyana Shorina - spoke about the intricacies and features of laser tattoo removal;

Maxim Titanic Kislitsyn - shared his experience in communicating with clients and highlighted the importance of professional and ethical issues in the work of tattoo artists;

Lou Rubino, the founder and owner of World Famous Tattoo Ink, and the sponsor of the Unconvention 1RS, told the participants about the history of WF and its grandiose plans for the near future;

Dmitry Naboka, the owner of two studios in Russia and one in Germany, shared financial and personal aspects of organizing a creative team;

The Unconvention 1RS, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Tomasz TOFI Torfinski, an internationally renowned tattoo artist, spoke about his way of applying 3D modeling to create a unique design for realistic tattoos;

Oleg Turyansky, examined the main mistakes in the composition and design of tattoos;

Andrey Kolbasin, a professional with unlimited experience, founder and teacher of his own tattoo school in Russia, spoke about why professional education is needed for beginner tattoo artists;

The Unconvention 1RS, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Ilya Fominykh, the world-famous artist of tattoo realism, walked through the colors in the tattoo and the peculiarities of human color perception;

Cheyenne's business development director — Chris Mrowetz, told about the stages of creating products for tattooists, answered all burning questions and shared the latest company news;

Dmitry Sizov, from the association of professional piercers, raised the issues of workplace safety from the point of view of asepsis and antiseptics;

The Unconvention 1RS, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Marianna Lushnikova from the Partner in Crime Communication Agency spoke about the transformation of work with social networks for artists;

The voice of the Leather Syrup podcast, tattoo artist and owner of the KRMB brand - Rinat Karamba, shared his thoughts on positioning the personal brand of artist;

Alina Chimbireva from the law company Melegal, highlighted the legal side of the issue of tattoos in the Russian Federation;

Professional photographer - Aleksey Korzov talked about the peculiarities of shooting the artist’s works to the portfolio and shared life hacks for image processing;

The most evil in the Russian tattoo - Konstantin Tile, spoke about what needs to be done in the studio to avoid verification by the government and what to do if the verification has already begun.

The Unconvention 1RS, Saint Petersburg, Russia The Unconvention 1RS, Saint Petersburg, Russia

The Unconvention 1RS was the first of its kind for the Russian tattoo industry, aimed at increasing the required amount of knowledge that the industry format requires. It was two days of information intensiveness with real professionals from all over the world, evening parties on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, lively and easy communication on the most relevant topics, and much more!

This event should certainly become an annual, because in the format of the usual convention, the artists do not have enough time to discuss all issues related to the industry in due measure.

Especially, I would like to note the team of organizers. The guys managed not only to avoid the organization’s mistakes at the first event, but also to take into account all the smallest, but no less important points. Bravo! We hope that this format will live in the Russian tattoo industry and see you next year!

The Unconvention 1RS, Saint Petersburg, Russia