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The tattoo has already deeply entrenched in our life, expanding in all directions of culture, in all layers of society. No one is afraid of tattoos of a cafe worker, banker, or owner of a private business. The prerogative of musical rock stars has now become available to everyone. And it is among ordinary people that brilliant ideas are born, the most daring dreams come true and the boundaries of reality are blurred, opening the way to the future for all mankind. For one person, tattooing is just a tribute to fashion, while for another it is a kind of charm, motivator, talisman or just a warm memory that left a mark on the skin.

Each person's life is unique, full of interesting events, incredible discoveries and accomplishments, which we will gladly tell the world.

If you have something to tell people - send your story associated with the tattoo to info@inkppl.com, and the best of them we will share on the pages of our magazine.

DO NOT forget to add photos to your story with a size of at least 1000px wide.

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