Chris Hemsworth new ink by Dillon Forte

13 / 04 / 2022 Viktoria Ledovskikh
Chris Hemsworth new ink by Dillon Forte
Chris Hemsworth new ink by Dillon Forte / Source: @chrishemsworth

Austin tattooer and artist Dillon Forte recently tattooed Chris Hemsworth. Photos from the tattoo session you can see of Dillon and Chris Instagram posts.

Chris Hemsworth is an Australian actor who embodied the image of the fantastic hero Thor in the comic book adaptations of Thor and The Avengers. The actor just shared photos of his latest inking session with Dillon Forte and revealed the new geometric design on his right forearm.

«Always fun catching up with @dillonforte What do ya get when ya mix an old mate, couple beers and a tattoo gun…some trippy sacred geometry» - Chris posted on his Instagram.

For over a decade tattoo artist Dillon Forte has been known worldwide for his incredible sacred geometry, dot and blackwork tattooing. He believes in viewing the body as a whole, and creates harmonious designs to flow seamlessly with the skin. He has been featured extensively in the media, including spots by Entertainment Tonight, TMZ, Inked Magazine, Men’s Health and has worked with high-profile clients including Usher, Chris Hemsworth, Kat Von D, Kehlani and members of the group Imagine Dragons. 

Earlier we published an exclusive interview with Dillon Forte about his work, career and the meaning of sacred geometry in his life.

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