How 69 rabbits turned an ordinary man into a Guinness record holder

07 / 03 / 2024 iNKPPL Team
How 69 rabbits turned an ordinary man into a Guinness record holder

42-year-old television operator from the UK, Craig Evans, has become the holder of a unique world record thanks to his passion for rabbit-themed tattoos. Craig boasts a total of 69 diverse tattoos featuring these adorable creatures, an achievement officially recognized by the Guinness World Records.

The story of this unique collection dates back to 2009 when Craig got his first rabbit tattoo. Initially, he never imagined that his interest would evolve into such a massive art project. However, after his second session in New York, he decided to continue with this theme.

Craig's tattoos are the result of collaboration with various artists from the UK, South Korea, Japan, Spain, France, and the USA. It took approximately 125 hours of work and nearly £10,000 (approximately $12,700) to create this collection.

The variety of rabbit designs adorning Craig's body is impressive, ranging from realistic black-and-white images to vibrant illustrative characters.

Craig's childhood was filled with cartoons featuring rabbits, such as Bugs Bunny and Roger Rabbit. As he grew older, his fascination with these animals only strengthened, eventually leading to the assembly of this incredible tattoo collection.

Despite his passion, Craig does not have a pet rabbit, largely due to his terrier named Bertie. However, even his dedication to his dog is reflected in a tattoo where Bertie is depicted wearing a bandana with a rabbit print.

Having set a world record, Craig feels an overwhelming sense of pride and joy. The certificate from the Guinness World Records now occupies a prominent place on the wall of his living room. This accomplishment is the realization of his dream, which, as he says, seemed unattainable even in his boldest dreams.

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