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Konstantin Teil - How to choose the tattoo master?

Konstantin Teil / Photo: https://vk.com/siberianraccoon

Hi everyone, my name is Konstantin Teil and I am the director of the Main Tattoo studio in Saint Petersburg and the founder of the projects Hateful Tattooist and Tattoo Guide.

My way in the tattoo I pass from the utter zero, at first as a client, then as an administrator and now as a director of a tattoo studio and as a person who wants to develop the culture and the industry, forward with all his might.

I perfectly understand the whole kitchen both from the client side and from the artists.

I would like to start my narrative on inkppl.com with a little dry introductory material for people who are only discovering culture for themselves as customers or potential customers.

If you want to understand the customer, it is necessary to model whole his way to the final product . To get what you really want in the end as a client, you need to understand which pointers to follow.

A wish. If there are doubts, to do or not to do - definitely not to do it. The picture can be removed, any art object in principle - put in a garage, on a balcony or sell when bored. But not a tattoo. In all of the case she will follow you, if not whole life, then lion's share.

Reflections about "Is it painful," "What people will say," "If suddenly get bored" at this particular stage will be absolutely superfluous. You need a desire. If you are have a desire - we will continue.

The tattoo consists of a plot and an image.

The first - 70% of the client's desire, and 30% of the work of the artist with the nuances of composition and presentation. Of course, sometimes the artist will ask in advance whether the customer is sure that the neighborhood of Dukalis and Gleb Zheglov on one limb is justified by one film, or whether representation Fenrir as an intermediate element of the Greek pantheon is a good solution.

With the visual part, the opposite is true. Always, absolutely always leave to the master the nuances of color decisions, layouts under the place of application and detailing. Your MAIN task at this stage - in easy-to-comprehend words and a few examples to describe the plot of your future tattoo to the master.

Which master? Of course to the one you choose. How to choose?

Each master has a portfolio. If the portfolio is not exist / lost / everyone knows me - run from there with Bible speed. It's a trap!!!

So, we open the portfolio and see the works for the last six months or a year. Further, by the strong-willed decision we determine whether we are ready to carry on ourselves what will be executed by the handwriting of the given master according to your plot. You do not need style names, you should like the execution of works, and in the head the plot of the future tattoo should fit into the style of the chosen master.

You MUST see the publication dates of the works. If the portfolio is laid out spontaneously and large volumes, two options are possible.

Either the master took up his organization, or, having done nothing last year, decided to overpost it, as if the level of his works had not going down.

In either of these cases, just wait for some fresh work, or watch the level of the master's drawing. If the master paints and beats "Like as norms" - find another artist. In this lottery luck will definitely not be on your side.

So, at this stage you have three main components of a good tattoo - the desire to do it, the plot of the future work and the master, whose style and handwriting within the plot you crazy like.

Introduction on this I finish. Wish you the coolest tattoos and as few doubts as possible.