Monkey Tattoo Artist - A new experiment by Funky Matas

12 / 02 / 2023 Anton Yarovoy
Monkey Tattoo Artist - A new experiment by Funky Matas

A recent incident involving a Venezuelan artist and social media personality, Funky Matas has caused a stir online. Matas, who already holds a Guinness Record for the most signatures tattooed on his back, took things to a new level by allowing himself to be tattooed by a small monkey. He claims that the purpose of the tattoo was to create the logo for his NFT project, The F8 Club, with his partner Andy Williams.

Funky Matas

The video of the tattooing process quickly went viral, sparking a heated debate among social media users. While some applauded Funky's bravery and innovative approach, others accused him of exploiting the monkey for attention. Funky, however, insists that all safety measures were taken to ensure the well-being of the monkey and those involved in the event, including strict sanitary protocols.

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Funky's latest stunt took place in Mexico, where he found a tattoo shop owner and a pair of monkey trainers willing to participate in his unusual experiment. After an hour of training with the trainers, the monkey became a tattoo artist and put its newfound skills to the test on Funky's skin. Despite the questionable quality of the tattoo, the event remains a topic of conversation and a testament to the intelligence of monkeys.

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