Seasonal exacerbation

Seasonal exacerbation

About ten years ago the local press began to talk about that tattooed people in Israel are becoming more and more popularity. Until recently you did not need to explain to young Jews why it should not be done. It was enought what was write in the Torah in straight words.

Rambam, a prominent Jewish sage who lived in 12-th century, explane, that this action similar to practice of the idolaters to make a tattoos as a sign of obedience and belonging to their idol. It reminds how the owner brands his cattle, so as not to confuse it with an another. Of course, like any actions of idolaters, this action is forbidden for Jews.

For someone, the example of grandfathers and grandmothers who had passed through the horrors of concentration camps did not let them offend their bodies in the same way that Nazi criminals did. Another, stopped by the widespread myth that people with tattoos were forbidden to be buried in a Jewish cemetery. And although this assumption is groundless from the point of view of Jewish law, in the United States there are some private funeral societies whose internal policy is to not bury people with tattoos in a Jewish cemetery ...

It is interesting that the tradition of drawings on body did not always contradict the Halacha (traditional Jewish law). Researchers of early Christianity found that these foundations are rooted in the Hebrew tradition. In the 1st century AD Jews have drawn signs on their foreheads, as a symbol of the protection of the righteous ...

But still today, about 35% of Israelis between the ages of 16 and 35 have tattoos. There is even a special fashion for the use of Jewish symbols and even quotes from Tanakh (sacred writings) in tattoos. It is considered that this allows a person to express himself and brings him closer to the Almighty. In modern Israel, thousands of citizens do not even suspect about the prohibition of "tattooing letters". But if they knew, it would not have stopped them. And not because they do not respect their rabbis, or they do not follow the Kashrut (the allowed cleanliness of food, like Halal from Muslims). They basically observe traditions, fasts and holidays, go to the graves of the righteous, but ... the influence of fashion and global trends are stronger!

Irina, Kiryat Chaim

" I conceived a picture on the ribs, on the side. Thought up the text: "Melody of my life will never stop" and the font, and drawing. Master Barry from the shop in Krayot tattooed my picture and did not even require permission from my mother. At that time I was a teenager, and according to the law, any tattoos for children under 16 can be applied only after permission from the parents.

In May 2002, the Supreme Legislature of Israel approved a bill of the tattoo. Before any pattern will tattooed on the child's body, parents are required to fill out and sign a special form that removes any responsibility from the tattoo master. As for another hobby of young people in recent years - the piercing - then the new law does not say anything about it.

The master tried to convince me to wait and grow up a little. He said that sooner or later I would redo it or will want to delete. I realized that if the tattoo was made in places that were still growing, for example, on the chest of a girl or on the back of a boy, then the tattoos would stretch and deform along with the skin. But I really wanted to tattooing the slogan of my life and the master did not convince me. The pain was almost unbearable, but everything went very quickly. And, as soon as I caught my breath, I realized that I would do more. Who experienced this - will understand.

And my mother saw my art, once in bath, looked at it and ... for a while it seemed to me that the melody of my life had come to end ... :) But everything went well, especially since my mother is engaged in permanent make-up and she have several small tattoos ...

In the next season I will definitely continue. I have a beautiful image of the eagle - it will be on the rise of the right foot. And I want to pick up something to close the scar from the operation on my thigh, but for now I will clean it with a laser."

Dov, Kfar Saba

" The tattoo is not the first, I've been imagine to do this character for a long time, so that there is something like an amulet, although I do not believe in such things, but I think of my Hanuman (a ape-like deity honorable in Hinduism) as Einstein's horseshoe - if it does not help, then in any case it does not interfere.

For me this character is very sympathetic, even close in spirit, or something ... The tattoo is made in the style similar to Sak Yant, but of course it is not. The real Sak Yant must be done by monks and selected mantras that bring luck and protect the wearer. Sketches are created individual. For everyone the one - that suits him the most. I am convinced that the tattoo is a serious matter. It is able to change the character and correct the destiny of a person. I spent a lot of time digging through the network until I found the right sketch from which I removed all the letters around the figure and on the flag with Photoshop.

I deleted it, because firstly, I do not know what is written there. Secondly, it is addressed exactly to someone else. And, thirdly, I'm not sure that the Western master will be able to reproduce a complex ligature without errors, because these mantras have a concrete meaning.

I made it in Tel Aviv, in the "PSYCHO BODYART" studio. It is not the first time I work with them - and always happy. My first tattoo was made by them, piercing too ... It was quickly and easily, it seemed that I just layed down and it was already ready! An eight-year-old daughter came with me and with great interest followed the work. She admit that she also want a tattoo, and she know which one and where.

I also plan to continue, but without fanaticism. We have to reckon with our climate, when under the scorching sun the painted skin burns mercilessly. It is worth saying that the winter we have in Israel - the best time to do a tattoo. Everyone understands that fresh must be hidden from direct sunlight, no matter how much they want to boast of it. All of this about healed, but too shaded "black" tattoo - this is also a headache for the owner. The sun heats the picture, causing discomfort and a threat of skin diseases.

However, there is a small sketch that I want to do on my shoulder and text on both hands. Such a special project, I have long been nurturing. I also think that I will begin to get something interesting for memory during visiting the different tattoo conventions . The main thing is to love the image."

Olya, Haifa

" It is scary to view a strongly tattooed person. These tattoo are too big and even more scaring. But the rest I like: if small tattoos are tidy and when their count on body are not overkill.

I think that tattoos adorn only men, why should you spoil your body? Tattoo will get you bored and even after remover you will keep the trace of it. Then you will grow old, it will float ... Do not uglify yourself! ... It's not feminine.

At one time I just as madly wanted a tattoo on my neck or on my ankle. How lucky that my boyfriend stopped me from this madness. My opinion changed dramatically when last summer on the beach I saw a woman about 50-55 years old with a tattoo on the whole back! I do not know how she tattooed it in those days, but at that moment it looked just creepy. "

Leo, Nes Ziona

" I've wanted to do this for a long time, but I still could not get myself together. At first I was thinking of just get some kind of tattoo, but nothing was attracted so much to collect myself and do it.

Under the influence of a friend I began to search for something with meaning, I sorted out of different ideas and options until thought about "circles." Then I came up with a lion in the center of Magen David, as my name is Leo and I am a Jew (a lion by the way, also not a simple. It is a famous Jewish Lion from ancient Jewish coins). Around - the initials of family members, my first circle. And this is all - I do not need a second circle!

Invented myself, corrected the sketch at least 10 times, came with a color sketch into the shop, but the tattooist advised to do it in b/w, that's exactly what we decided to do. I did it in Rishon LeZion, in the "Art Magic Tattoo" studio, it was easily, the girl was a good master, and there they have a cheerful and easy atmosphere.

Am I planning the next one? Of course! This time the basis will be the old drawing of that same friend, of course with his permission and approval. Let him see the fruits of his creativity and think about why he stopped drawing and why he did not become a tattoo artist!"

Svetlana, Afula

" Whole year, I drive mostly on a bicycle. I everywhere in time, I save money and I do not pollute the environment :) It seemed that nothing can stop us! That day, I stopped at the traffic light, slightly tilted the bicycle and waited for the green light. Suddenly, in the area of the calf I felt a slight tickling. I looked - and I was almost ready to pinched myself: in the middle of the calf appeared a rather deep cut about 6 centimetres long! He looked disgusting, for some reason recalling films about plastic surgery, when is shown large-scale liposuction or manipulation with breast implants.

I saw how the blood streamed from the wound, but I felt NOTHING! This could be in two cases - in a dream or during a contact with another dimension (if it possible)! But in my case, the reason was the brake cable or how it is called, which usually ends at the end with a small seal-plug. Somewhere it flew off, and a bundle of thin wires loosely appeared somewhere in the vicinity of the pedals on the right. About 2-3 centimetres and a slight tilt was enough for me to get hurt.

The doctor who imposed 5 stitches, forbade bathing and prescribed sick leave for a month, saying that the nerve endings are not affected, so it does not painful for me. So, quite unexpectedly, I learned more about how the brakes and my calf muscle are arranged. And there was a good reason to hide my scars under beautiful tattoo. I waited half a year and got the tribal lizard tattoo on my right leg. In the salon Meir Ohayon near Haifa, a great atmosphere: always quality music, a smile and quick hands of the master, and there still lives a small boa - Tiras.

After the lizard, on the left leg appeared a bear with fingerprints, also a tribal style. This tattoo season finished, and no scars and traces of bicycle battles no one now and do not remember."

Roni and Ariel, Ashdod

" My friend and me - we love to show off. we prepare for the nine-month season in advance, to win over everyone with our body arts. Of course, a serious problem always becomes healing, especially in a big work, as for example this sleeve.The skin in winter is less susceptible to bacteria that cause inflammation. Sweat can worsen the quality of the tattoo, as well as sea water and sun. In spite of this, there are usually not many customers in the tattoo shops in winter, so you do not have to wait long for your turn. Even if today you can not pay for the whole tattoo, you can make it in parts - time is in your pocket.

To heal a tattoo use only the means, which the tattooist recommends: Bepanhten, D-panthenol, Tattoo goo, Ink fix, H2Ocean. No baby creams and oils. It is best to wear clothes made from natural materials, such as cotton or linen.

We know for sure that we should not put it in a hot water, get sweat or get wet. Baths, saunas, gym - all this is taboo. Avoid getting salt water, because the salt very aggressively expels the paint. If the inflammatory process starts, then the body will perceive the paint as a foreign body and will reject it, - warn the master. Also, do not wrap tattoos in gauze or bandages, better remove sweat with paper towels or napkins.

On already healed drawings in the summer, especially if you do not hide them under clothing, be sure to apply sunscreen.

By the way, if you use special means that support the brightness of a tattoo, then her life can be extended for 5-6 years. But, they are unlikely to save those that are made on the wrists and fingers, where the skin is constantly in motion and because of this, the contour of the image may float."

Dan Carlson, Petah Tikva

" This is the fourth tattoo and the theme is the same. The fact is that I'm very attached to the theme of the Vikings and so I decided to finally make Berserk as tattoo - in ancient German and Old Norse society, a warrior who dedicated himself to the god Odin. Before fight they were put themselves in a state of heightened aggression, were distinguished by fierceness, great strength, quick reaction, and this approach is close to me.

Invented by myself, painted by my friend, a master of tattoos. Another, more experienced, artist corrected it . With him, we finished the "repair", finally worked out the image and execute it as a tattoo.

Feels from the tattooing are normal, I'm used to it. So, it's tickling a little and when it heals - it itches. But for me it's a normal feeling, everything is tolerable and even super!

I'm waiting for the next winter, when again I can get a tattoo. I'll get the Viking, then I'll continue the sleeve - I'll completely cover my right hand. After the arm, I'll cover my back. There is a big project also in the style of Vikings and ships."

Although there is no official statistics, there are some figures.
They were collected on the basis of the data of nine popular in the country masters.
So, 7% of boys and girls get tattoos before 17 years.
75% - girls and boys aged 17-27 years.
15% of 27-40 year olds, where women are tattooed a little more often than men.
3% people aged 40+ (mostly women).
People who wander in all these categories and spoil statistics, updating, covering or deleting old tattoos - 10%
And finaly, at the age of 60+, tattoos make a few units ...
In the article used photos from personal archives of heroes.