Sensation from Russia: Scientists have developed a new safe colored pigment for tattoos!

30 / 03 / 2024 iNKPPL Team
Sensation from Russia: Scientists have developed a new safe colored pigment for tattoos!

Russian scientists from Lobachevsky University in Nizhny Novgorod have presented the latest research result - a new safe pigment for tattoos based on the biomineral apatite, enriched with manganese ions, TASS reports. This scientific breakthrough is a response to the requirements of the European Commission Tattoo-REACH, which introduced strict measures banning certain components in the composition of most colored tattoo inks. After many years of research and careful experiments, scientists were able to synthesize a pigment that not only has a delicate blue shade but is also safe for health.

One of the important aspects of this development is that apatite with manganese ions, used in the pigment, has passed a series of tests confirming its non-toxicity. This opens up new horizons for the use of this biomineral not only in the field of tattoos but also in other areas, such as medicine or construction. Scientists also claim that the new pigment has been successfully tested on various types of artificial skin, confirming its effectiveness in real application conditions for tattooing.


However, despite the important achievements, there is still much work ahead for scientists. In particular, it is necessary to continue research on optimizing the pigment synthesis technology and controlling the size of solid particles to achieve a more stable and uniform color effect. It is also important to conduct additional studies on the interaction of the pigment with the skin and other materials with which it may interact during the tattooing process.

The research was conducted in the laboratory of natural compound chemistry and their synthetic analogs at Lobachevsky University with the active participation of scientists from the physical faculty of this university and the Volga Research Medical University. This is an excellent example of successful cooperation between scientists from different fields aimed at developing innovative solutions capable of benefiting society.

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