This is show-business, baby!

12 / 09 / 2018 Alexander Ledovskih
/ Photo: Marc Olivier Paquin

Having visited a large number of Russian and foreign tattoo events, I so much want to touch the topic of tattoo conventions and the attitude of visitors and masters to it.

It's no secret that Russian tattoo culture lags behind the rest of the world for about 10 years. This situation, coupled with contemporaneity, allowing everyone to look through the Internet across the ocean to foreign festivals and conventions, born the idea that something is wrong with us.

Empty walls of exhibition stands, behind which masters works, tavern contests and a complete lack of culture of show business. Yes, yes, my friends, imagine that, the tattoo and tattoo conventions are also a show business. And it has some simple, but for some reason ignored by many norms.

Let's start from the exhibition stands at the convention. In the Russian tattoo community an incredible number of talented artists who have gained international fame, immortalized themselves in the history of the tattoo world. However, this same glory, coupled with our truly original mentality, allows for a disdainful attitude to such seemingly simple things as the design of workplace at tattoo convention. Artists completely forget that any tattoo convention or festival is first of all an exhibition, a show, where people come to admire beautiful tattoos, take photos, collect stickers and autographs of their idols. First of all for them, for ordinary people, who will later become customers of masters, arrange this events. Secondly - for the masters themselves, opening the opportunity to personally represent their art to the masses. And when visitors are greeted with monotonous white stands - this kills the whole idea of ​​creating a tattoo-event. Can you agree, that these stands are not just exist for some unusual reason? Otherwise, it would be possible to put simply tables, couches - and everyone would work just like that, hoping to be recognized by their future customer. Truth is simple. Many people, knowing thoroughly the work, do not even know how the masters look like.

Do not neglect the decoration of your workplaces. It's for your own good.

The second thing I would like to note is "the walls and moats" that separate some well-known masters from the public. This is at least strange. After all, everyone who does a tattoo, does not do this for free. And the relationship between the cost of the service and the height of the walls / depth of the ditches can be traced with the naked eye. In marketing (and again, yes, it is used by all of us to develop our businesses), there is a simple rule - contact with the audience increases the size of this audience. It's time to break up walls and to dry ditches. Otherwise, you can end your life, like our great ancestors artists - in poverty and ignorance. After all, only now Van Gogh's canvases cost millions, and during his lifetime he was poor and sad.