What determines the cost of the tattoo?

27 / 06 / 2018 Konstantin Teil
What determines the cost of the tattoo? / Photo: Konstantin Teil

Hi everyone, my name is Konstantin Teil and I am the director of the Main Tattoo studio in Saint Petersburg and the founder of the projects Hateful Tattooist and Tattoo Guide.

Today we will analyze what determines the cost of the tattoo.

The answer is simple and honest. The tattoo is cost as much you are willing to pay for it. The talking will be, as in a fairy tale about a man with hats.

- Is it possible to make tattoo for 1000 euro? Will I find a master?
  - You will find
  - And for 500?
   - You will find
  - And for 100?
  - You will find
  - And for free? :D
   - You will find :3

The result of your search will be at the junction of your taste and desire to evaluate the master's work. Welcome to the very same track of the widest cost range: from novice tattooists, to the professional masters with a closed booking for nearest several months.

And no, finishing the work of novice tattooist will not be cheaper, in case of failure. Remove tattoo is expensive, and yes - there will be scars. Even if anyone will not have, you will definitely have. Throw out it from your head and read on.

Defently hands, work and interpretation of your images in the chosen style, performed with the author's handwriting - make up the bulk of the cost of tattooing.

This is a fact and it is not discussed.

Now let's move on to the thing that is called "for expendable materials". That is, for which the ideal spherical master in a vacuum pays, making one tattoo and throwing away all the thoughts about style and execution.

- Amortization of equipment (I don't think what many masters are aware that this should be included, but okay) - machines, blocks, pedals, clipcords - all this eventually needs repair or replacement. And, alas, much more often than we would like.

- Small expendable materials - caps for paint, needles + modules, barrier, stretch film, cosmetics (petrolatum, transfer liquid, antibacterial water, special soap), transfer paper, paper / wet napkins, disposable sheets, diapers, shaves, scotch and gloves (more than one pair for work, and even more than two).

On average, this is about 50 euro for one job, include the inks and depending on the size and complexity of the work.

- Utilities and rent of premises. Everything is clear, no one will pay for the artist.

- Service. The work of the administrator (if he is present in the studio) is the convenience and simplification of the master's work and also costs a little money.

All of this can be considered as expendable materials. Well, it's also safe to save on them. You can something replace, add and subtract, but, it is a certain mini-kit for maximally convenient work of the tattoo artist.

Nobody interferes with working with napkins "Every Day", which more dirty the skin with pellets, than remove excess paint and use pharmacy Vaseline, transfer the sketch by OldSpice and work in general in a hostel, without reception, administrator and other pleasant staff.

Civilization has given us a progress! So let's use it!

The master CATEGORICALLY needs self-education. It is necessary and all of equipment worth a lot of money : pencils, markers, albums / sketch books, oil, canvas, brush, tablet, easel and so on.

No one of the developing artists do not thirst streaming monotonous work, and every work is a contribution, including a financial one, to one's own development.

Please remember, that in the first place you pay for the skills and style of a single master, who is developing in a fairly young (in the current form) area of fine arts. To a master, the result of whose work will remain with you in the form of a tattoo for whole life.

And either you're ready to pay a certain amount of money for the execution of your ideas in the style that passes through the master's portfolio, or not.

(This articte has a very mediocre attitude to artists who can not draw, do not develop as artists and still live in the late 90s., as well as to customers who want consumer goods and all who do not much care about the quality of work. In most cases, you will receive a bad tattoo. The most lucky ones will has the bad tattoo from the famous tattoo master.)

Thank you for your attention and feedback.