In the world of tattoos and permanent makeup, talent and professionalism play a crucial role. Today, we delve into this exciting world accompanied by one of its bright representatives - Anastasiia Volkova

Anastasiia is a true professional and master of her craft, who not only creates amazing works on skin but also builds a dizzying career in the beauty industry, actively participating in the industry's most important events and taking on the role of an expert.

Her works inspire people around the world, and her vision for the future of the industry becomes increasingly significant. Let's immerse ourselves in the world of tattoos and permanent makeup together with Anastasiia and learn about her inspiration, creative plans, and perspective on the industry's development.

Master of artistic tattooing and permanent makeup Anastasia Volkova

Master of artistic tattooing and permanent makeup Anastasiia Volkova

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from and where do you work now?

- Hello! My name is Anastasiia. I’m a master of artistic tattooing and permanent makeup from Russia, Moscow. In tattooing, I specialize in color and black-and-gray realism, as well as work in other styles and directions. My second direction is permanent makeup for eyebrows, eyelids, lips, and areolas [restoration of breast aesthetics, including after surgeries, oncology]. At the moment, I work in Turkey, near Istanbul, in the city of Bursa, in the premium segment studio network Cleopatra Ink.

How and when did you decide to pursue a career in tattooing? Who was your teacher? What was it like?

- My creative journey into the world of tattooing and permanent makeup began with a deep passion for art and a desire to develop in this field.

In early childhood, I enjoyed drawing with a pen on my own skin. As I grew older, my canvases also became wallpapers, furniture, and eventually an album. Dreaming of becoming an artist and being able to depict my perception of this world in detail, I could draw for hours without noticing anything around me.

Тату мастер Анастасия Волкова

My education in the field of art began with self-study of painting and drawing from books by foreign authors, moving on to more complex materials and techniques. But my first diploma in the artist's specialty was obtained at the Central Children's School of Arts, where I studied for 5 years, from 2005 to 2010.

For the sake of my dream, I had to sacrifice my childhood and time spent with friends, but I don't regret it at all.

After school, my education continued at an art college in the faculty of restoration, conservation, and storage of works of art. This profession combined my passion for classical art and the ability to combine various styles and techniques of world masters. During my studies, I started earning my first money as an artist, creating paintings by individual orders and engaging in wall painting.

Тату мастер Анастасия Волкова

And it was precisely the education at the art faculty that played an important role in my life. During those years, I met my future husband, Vyacheslav, who was studying design courses. When we started a family in 2016, he was already an experienced tattoo artist. We decided to combine our efforts and move in the same direction. I began to master tattoo and permanent makeup techniques, and my husband became my mentor in these areas. Today, our collaboration and mutual support help us constantly develop and reach new heights in our professional activities. And all this journey I've been through has brought me back to where I started - drawing on skin.

What does the word "tattoo" mean to you? Is it art, work, or something else?

- A tattoo is a form of art, a means of self-expression, and the embodiment of ideas that can carry both personal and cultural significance. For me, tattooing is a combination of my artistic skills, technical abilities, and the ability to bring beauty and meaning into the lives of others. It's art, work, and a way of life that allows for constant growth and sharing of my talent with the world. It's a calling that fulfills my potential, making me feel whole, inspired, happy, and beneficial to society.

Тату мастер Анастасия Волкова

You have a very diverse portfolio, and it seems like you're capable of almost any style. Why did you choose the path of being a versatile artist? Which tattoo styles do you prefer the most?

- In tattooing, I prefer color and black and grey realism. These styles allow me to fully express my artistry, convey the narrative, and capture the atmosphere of the subject matter. Realism, in particular, is the most challenging style, requiring precision and attention to detail, which helps me constantly improve as an artist. However, working in other styles serves as a kind of relaxation from large and complex projects. It allows me to maintain creative freshness and avoid burnout professionally.

I approach every project with enthusiasm, and my policy is that if clients choose me, they trust me and feel comfortable in our collaboration, to which I respond with reciprocity. I enjoy working with people, diving into various tasks, even if they go beyond my usual style of work.

Тату мастер Анастасия Волкова

What is the most important aspect of tattooing for you?

- For me, the most important aspect of tattooing is the ability to create art that holds deep personal meaning for the client. I strive for each tattoo to not only be aesthetically beautiful and complement the individual's appearance but also reflect their uniqueness, desires, and emotions. And, of course, it's important for each image to be executed with quality, precision, and attention to detail.

Are there tattoo artists or painters who inspire you? Whose work do you follow?

- I consider it an integral part of my profession to keep up with the creativity of industry leaders, stay informed about the latest trends and innovations in the world of tattooing, and draw inspiration for my own work. These artists undoubtedly influence many tattooists worldwide, including myself. Among my favorite tattoo masters are Sasha O’kharin, Waler Montero, Natasha Animal, Jhade Lapos Sampaguita Jay, Steven Bugeja, Karol Rybakowski, Dmitriy Samohin, Alexey Mashkow, Sergey Shanko, Oksana Lukianenko, Tomas Carli Jarlier.

In my opinion, they make a significant contribution to contemporary tattoo art, each with their unique style and creative vision, making their works recognizable.

Тату мастер Анастасия Волкова

You are not only a master of artistic tattooing, but also specialize in permanent makeup. Why did you decide to expand your career in this direction?

- I decided to combine work in artistic tattooing and permanent makeup because they complement each other, allowing me to create a complete new look for my clients. Permanent makeup helps enhance and emphasize natural facial features, while tattooing provides the opportunity to express individuality, creativity, and personal stories through unique body art.

With tattooing, I can conceal burn marks, scars, or post-surgery scars, giving the skin a new beauty and meaning. With permanent makeup, I work on restoring aesthetics, such as reconstructing the appearance of the breast after surgery or helping to highlight the client's best features and compensate for imperfections.

Both of these directions allow me not only to fulfill my artistic vision but also to help people feel more confident and unique. It brings me great joy to see how their self-perception and self-esteem change thanks to my work. This brings immense satisfaction and inspires me to continue my creativity in both directions.

Master of artistic tattooing and permanent makeup Anastasiia Volkova

What is the difference between the work of a tattoo artist and a master of permanent makeup?

- The work of a tattoo artist and a master of permanent makeup has its unique features. As a tattoo artist, I create larger and more artistic images, working with various styles and ideas. It's about self-expression and creating enduring works of art on the body. In permanent makeup, my work is finer and more delicate, focused on enhancing and emphasizing natural facial features. Precision and accuracy are important here, as the goal is to create a naturally looking makeup that lasts long. Both directions require technical skill and artistic vision, but permanent makeup is more about beauty and naturalness, while tattooing provides more opportunities for creative self-expression.

What influence do tattooing and permanent makeup have on the self-esteem and confidence of your clients? And what do you think has more influence?

- Tattooing is often a form of self-expression, allowing clients to express their individuality or mark important events in their lives and values. It can serve as a reminder of personal achievements, significant experiences, or even a way to overcome difficulties. Seeing a tattoo that reflects their personality or part of their story gives strength, confidence, and pride in their choice.

Master of artistic tattooing and permanent makeup Anastasiia Volkova

Permanent makeup, on the other hand, is more focused on enhancing natural beauty. Clients opting for permanent makeup often seek ways to simplify their daily beauty routine while feeling confident with a naturally looking makeup. This can significantly boost their self-esteem, especially if they have insecurities about certain facial features.

As for what has more influence, it depends on the individual needs and goals of each client. For some, tattooing can have a deep emotional and psychological effect, while for others, permanent makeup can radically change their everyday self-perception and confidence. Both forms of art can have a powerful impact on the self-esteem and self-expression of clients.

What aspects of tattoos and permanent makeup do you consider most important for the safety of clients?

- Client safety is always a priority. For me, it is important to pay special attention to several key points. First is hygiene. I always adhere to sanitary and hygienic standards, using sterile instruments, disposable needles, thoroughly disinfecting the workplace, and of course, disinfecting the client's skin before and after the procedure. I wrap the phone and tablet used during work with food wrap. This helps prevent infections and ensures the safety of the procedure. I know many may think it's too obvious and mundane. However, working in various studios many times, I have observed violations of these basic, seemingly obvious rules.

Second is a thorough consultation with the client before the procedure. I always inquire about any allergies or medical conditions that may affect the tattooing or permanent makeup process. This helps me choose appropriate materials and avoid potential complications. I also always provide clients with detailed aftercare instructions. Proper care is important for quality, quick, and safe healing. And of course, I am always in open dialogue with clients so they can ask any questions and express their concerns. I strive to ensure that every client feels comfortable and safe throughout the entire process.

Мастер художественной татуировки и перманентного макияжа Анастасия Волкова

Master of artistic tattooing and permanent makeup Anastasiia Volkova

Given your versatility, we can't help but ask: what trends in the world of tattoos and permanent makeup have you observed lately?

- Both of these fields are constantly evolving, and it's important to stay updated on the latest trends to offer clients the most current and modern solutions.

Thin lines and detailed work are very popular in tattoos right now, as well as colorful tattoos, especially in watercolor and realism styles. Clients are increasingly opting for brighter and more expressive designs. In permanent makeup, there is a trend towards naturalness. People choose a more natural look, for example, hair stroke technique for eyebrows to create the effect of natural hair. Also popular is permanent lip makeup, which gives them natural volume and shape, but doesn't look too bright. Additionally, clients are increasingly choosing a soft eyeliner with smudging instead of classic sharp lines. These trends show that people want to look unique but at the same time natural, and I try to take this into account in my work to offer clients what they are looking for.

The field of permanent makeup, like tattooing, includes many competitions, conventions, and similar events. Can you share your experience?.

- Yes, I actively participate in various competitions, conventions, and events related to both tattoos and permanent makeup. This is part of my commitment to professional growth and development in these fields. This experience has brought me a great deal of achievements, of which I am very proud.

Particularly significant for me was my participation in the world championship and congress "Non Stop Permanent," where I won 1st place in three categories: Expert art lips, Expert art brows, and Expert areola, and took the Grand Prix in the expert category. But besides the awards and strong motivation, I gained valuable knowledge from more than 50 industry top trainers. Something similar is sorely lacking in the tattoo sphere.

Master of artistic tattooing and permanent makeup Anastasiia Volkova

An interesting experience came from interacting with the media. Among my achievements are not only expert publications and interviews in various national and international industry magazines but also in well-known publications on beauty, fashion, and other various media outlets, including The Voice (Cosmopolitan), VC, Moda Topical, Global Tattoo, iNKPPL, and others.

Recently, I was pleasantly surprised by an offer from "Global Tattoo" to feature my tattoo works in their new book "La Crème de la crème," dedicated to tattoo art in celebration of their 12th anniversary. This book will showcase the works of the world's top tattoo artists, providing me with an opportunity to showcase my creativity on a global stage and highlight my contribution to the development of this art form.

A special role in my career was played by being featured in a magazine and receiving the "Beauty Achievement" award from Moda Topical in Moscow, sharing the stage with stars, well-known and strong leaders from various fields. Last year, I participated in a major event in Dubai by Doré Group, as a participant, speaker, judge, award nominee, and also gave interviews for the magazine. I was awarded in categories such as Top artist of art tattoo and Top 50 Persons & Brands.

Master of artistic tattooing and permanent makeup Anastasiia Volkova

By the end of last year, my creativity received another recognition: an article about me was published in the professional journal "Profi Performance," and at the awards ceremony of this journal, held in St. Petersburg, I was awarded for "High professionalism and quality execution of permanent makeup and artistic tattoo," confirming this with a plaque with the title of expert.

In the same year, I became a laureate in four categories at the "BUSINESS PEOPLE AWARD." Additionally, I was part of the jury at the championship and was awarded prizes at the Perfect Look awards. Recently, I was awarded in the category "TOP 15 masters of Turkey" according to the Only Names magazine, which published material about me within the profession.

These and other awards serve not only as a source of strength for me but also as evidence that I have found my calling.

Inspired by these successes, I was pushed to create my own author's techniques of lip permanent makeup "Visual Volume" and eye "Fox Look," as well as breast areola "Natural Areola."

The collaboration of Anastasiia and Vyacheslav Volkov with Cleopatra Ink (Turkey)

Another interesting experience in my career is collaboration with Cleopatra Ink — the largest network of tattoo studios worldwide, where my husband and I act as invited permanent residents. In partnership with the company, we launched two collaborations, each developing our own t-shirts with unique artworks. The t-shirts themselves can not only be purchased but also tattooed in our studio with designs depicted on them. Currently, we are in the final stages of creating the second collaboration — mural painting on the theme of the gods of Ancient Egypt. These art projects are another way to express the art of tattoo artists, demonstrating that it is not limited to skin alone. Currently, there are discussions about collaboration opportunities in the USA, opening up even greater prospects.

What aspects of your work bring you the greatest satisfaction?

- I particularly enjoy seeing how my clients change after getting a tattoo or permanent makeup. It's not just a change in appearance - it's a change in how they see and feel about themselves. Knowing that I've helped someone feel more confident and happier is very inspiring. I also love the creative process itself - from the initial sketch to the final result. Creating something unique for each client that becomes a part of their life is truly captivating. And of course, continuous learning and development in this field also bring me great joy. There's always something new to learn and ways to improve my craft. It keeps me motivated and interested in my work every day.

How do you maintain your professional development and education in the field of tattoos and permanent makeup?

- To maintain my professional development in tattoos and permanent makeup, I am constantly learning. I regularly attend seminars and masterclasses to stay updated on new techniques and trends. I also read a lot of professional literature and observe the works of leading masters in the industry to draw inspiration and new ideas. I also engage in self-education, experimenting with different styles and methods. This not only helps me improve my skills but also expands my creative vision. Additionally, I strive to contribute to the industry's development by creating educational materials and conducting courses for other artists. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience, helping aspiring professionals grow and develop. This continuous process of learning and knowledge exchange not only helps me become better at my work but also brings immense satisfaction from being able to help others grow in this direction.

Тату мастер Анастасия Волкова

Master of artistic tattooing and permanent makeup Anastasiia Volkova

Considering your career and awards, have you ever thought about teaching?

- Yes, I plan to release my book and a series of educational materials soon. They will be aimed at both those who are just starting their journey in the world of tattoos and permanent makeup artists. In these materials, I want to share my experience and knowledge accumulated over years of work.

These educational materials will include technique tips, skincare advice, information on the latest trends and techniques, as well as my personal tips and recommendations based on years of experience. It will not only be a textbook but also a source of inspiration for those seeking their path in this art.

I truly hope that my materials will help aspiring artists develop and find their unique style, as well as be useful for those who already have experience but want to deepen their knowledge.

Do you have any plans for the future that involve new directions or projects?

- Among my future plans are creating handmade decor items and clothing with my own original designs, writing a series of paintings in the surrealistic style, creating and implementing a series of new original tattoo designs, organizing exhibitions of my work, and participating in championships and awards. Overall, I want my career and creativity to constantly evolve so I can continue doing what I love while inspiring and educating others.

Мастер художественной татуировки и перманентного макияжа Анастасия Волкова

Master of artistic tattooing and permanent makeup Anastasiia Volkova

At the moment, I am completing courses and obtaining a state diploma as a permanent makeup artist and championships judge. Alongside this, I am working on books about tattoos and permanent makeup, as well as other educational materials in these fields.

I'm excited to share the news about the nearly completed second collaboration with Cleopatra Ink! It will be a wall art project right in the tattoo and piercing studio, dedicated to the gods of Ancient Egypt. This project not only reflects and promotes the art of tattooing but also adds creative decoration to the studio, emphasizing its theme inspired by the name Cleopatra. Such decoration will not only be a magnet for visitors' eyes but also a unique signature of the place, adding a special atmosphere.

Previously, through collaboration with Cleopatra Ink, we created a series of T-shirts with original designs, which also served as a demonstration of ideas for future tattoos.

I maintain a whole list of things I need to accomplish and gradually add new ideas and plans as I progress.

The collaboration of Anastasiia and Vyacheslav Volkov with Cleopatra Ink (Turkey)

How do you see the future of the industry and your role in it?

- In the future, I see the tattoo and permanent makeup industry as rapidly evolving, with new technologies and creative approaches. I expect new techniques, safer materials, and even more emphasis on an individual approach to each client.

As for my role in this, it is multifaceted: I want to continue my continuous education and professional growth to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and fully realize my creative potential. Additionally, I plan to actively share knowledge by teaching new masters through my educational materials, thereby contributing to the improvement of safety and quality standards in the tattoo and permanent makeup industry. Moreover, I want to dedicate myself from time to time to the development of art projects, which allows expanding the boundaries of possibilities for tattoo artists' creativity and enriching the industry with new ideas. I also see it as my mission to assist people in concealing defects through tattooing and permanent makeup. I already have a special approach in this direction that I would like to continue developing.

I see myself not only as an artist but also as someone who can inspire and educate others in this dynamic and constantly evolving field.