Dmitry Domash - about tattoos in Belarus and personal principles of working with the tattoo community

29 / 03 / 2020 Alexander Ledovskih
Dmitry Domash - DOMASH Tattoo Shop / Photo: @domashtattooshop

While the wave of COVID-19, quarantine and self-isolation is rolling around the world, we continue to publish our series of interviews with representatives of the tattoo community of Belarus!

Today, we present to your attention an interview with our real guide to the tattoo culture of Belarus, with the owner of the most famous Belarusian tattoo equipment store the DOMASH Tattoo Shop and just an amazing, endlessly sincere person.

Please meet - Dmitry Domash.

Dmitry works a lot, he is maximally immersed in the tattoo industry, personally communicates with many tattooists in Belarus and Russia, and tries to contribute to the development of tattoos in his native country. In addition to the tattoo equipment store, he is the organizer of various tattoo events in Belarus inviting to Minsk world-famous tattoo artists, specialists from areas related to tattooing, and many many others.

Why is he doing this? What drives him? What plans and ideas does Domash have?

Find out in our interview!