The world of tattoos, as a form of self-expression art, is in a constant state of evolution, enriched by bold and creative ideas from artists.

Allow us to introduce you to Tala – a tattoo artist originating from Inner Mongolia, China.

Despite humble beginnings, he now owns his own private studio in Shanghai, China. His unique style blends Eastern traditional motifs with daring elements of realism. In this interview, Tala will share with us his journey in the realm of tattoos, the art of self-expression, and his move from a small town to the cosmopolitan hub of Shanghai. He'll delve into his ideas, inspirations, and plans for the future, as well as reveal how he managed to overcome creative and professional challenges on his path to recognition on the global tattoo art stage.

Could you briefly introduce yourself? Where do you work now?

- My name is Tala, I am from Inner Mongolia, and I am Mongolian. Now I run my own private tattoo studio in Shanghai, China. I have been doing tattoos since 2012, so about 11 years now.