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Interview. Kristina Darmaeva - the scale and dynamics

04 / 03 / 2017 Alexander Ledovskih
Tattoo artist Kristina Darmaeva / Photo: Dmitry Trishin

In contemporary global tattoo culture, there are more and more talented representatives of the fair half of mankind.

Russian tattoo community is no exception. And today, we with pleasure present you an interview with a promising, interesting and talented tattoo artist - Kristina Darmaeva.

Kristina lives in St. Petersburg, where she works in the INK ME collective - this is the team of artists who working in different stylistic directions of black tattoo.

She already has awards from international conventions. She joined Kwadron Pro team and now actively traveling Europe as a guest artist.

Hello, Kristina! As the traditions of our interviews, I'd like to begin from question about, how it all began for you. How and when did you come into tattoo, and what did you do before?

- Hello! Into tattoo I came unexpectedly, in spring 2012 :) My sister introduced me to a good master from Saint-Peterburg and looking at him, I was inspired to try my hand on skin. Sister persuaded him to help me with the choice of tattoo equipment and show what's what. At that time, I had a long break in the drawing. After ending the artistic and aesthetic high school, for some reason I got a degree an engineer in radio engineering, and even had time to work in a large energy company. I needed urgently to remember what to do with a pencil :) My the great sensei was an artist in tattoo realism, and I was embarrassed distract him. So, the foundations of tattoo art I comprehended on my own for quite some time, because of my stupid hyper-responsibility and fear to spoil anything :)

In my opinion, responsibility of the artist is one of the most important things in tattoo :) I think, that you remember your really first customer. Do you remember your feelings, when you did the first tattoo? 

- Yes, of course, because the first customer was my dad, a heroic man :)) And, of course, I was very scared - shaking hands, the machine was unusually heavy, I was scared to make hurt to my dad, and also I did not wanted spoil his hand! In addition to all troubles, I somehow forgot the Vaseline! After it, every time when I prepare my workplace before a session, I pull out the Vaseline with some trepidation and gratitude to the great man who invented to use it in tattoo :)

What the tattoo styles and techniques you had time to try in your practice?

- From the outset I chose the way of black graphic tattoo, I love it. I think it is one of the most beautiful types of the tattoo. Once, in out of curiosity, I tried to make a color sleeve with Japanese dragon. I realized that it's not mine, though I sincerely admire the Oriental. Also I tried watercolor pieces. Well, I passed harsh school of life with tribal tattoos, birds, letterings, etc.  :) 

тату-мастер Кристина Дармаева черно-белые татуировки, графика

And now, when you are working only in your own designs, tell us about your style. What features makes your tattoo really yours?

- It seems to me, that I still looking for my own style. It is the journey of life. I want to try a lot of things :) But some constants I will always allocate: the scale, dynamics, flexibility, commitment to asymmetry. The purity of forms. I believe that a large-scale, not a static image, for example, leaping tiger with no background, will be always more beautiful on skin, than the tiger image with detailed jungle background bounded into an oval or a rectangle form.

Where do you get inspiration for your art?

- I love mythology, whether Slavic or Japanese folklore, or my favorite collection of terrible Romany tales with illustrations. I am inspired by images of all fabulous creatures with their textured skins, feathers, scales. And, of course, some inspiration I get from the state of nature around me - from night forest or a storm in the field. That's perfectly :) I love gothic architecture. At last weeks I was concentrated on Vrubel's paintings. And the more simple things are helps - sleep, relax and eat delicious :)) In this state the muse comes much faster :))

How can you characterize the past 2016 year for yourself?

- 2016 year was full of pleasant experiences for me! I participated in some of our (Russian) conventions and even I took awards. I began travel on the guestlist spots and got a lot of new friends :) I infinitely pleased  what I came into the Kwadron pro team.

Does it mean that you have even more plans for 2017?

- There are a lot of plans :) In March and April I will work in Germany. Maybe I try yourself on the Belgian Convention. I have not been on such events in Europe. In the summer I will work in our (Russian) festivals, and in August - in Madrid. Also, the guys from INK ME studio will continue to organize walk-in-day for charity, in favor of a Moscow orphanage for disabled dogs and older dogs. In fact no one will take home these dogs, and any help is very welcome. We are pleased that people come to such events!

And as a conclusion, I would like to ask a little philosophical questions :) How do you think, is rapid development of the tattoo in Russia is on its the best course ? Can you give a forecast for the future of the tattoo culture in Russia?

- Development is good thing. It pleases me when appear new talented artists, capable to surprise. This is a good motivation, to not be lazy and to continue grow :). The only thing that really angers me, it's too commercial approach to the tattoo learning. These unfortunate tattoo newcomers hope to become masters in about 4-8 sessions, but only losing their money. This is trickery. Maybe I viewed too much movies about kung fu, but in my mind, the master must transmit his knowledge to the unique person who can apply it in future :)
It difficult to forecast, but I'm sure that as long as exist are lovely crazy people inspired by tattoo, whether master or just lover, our industry will go ahead :)

Kristina, thank you so much! It was great! Wish you a great mood, inspiration and more victories!

- Thanks :)

тату-мастер Кристина Дармаева черно-белые татуировки, графика
тату-мастер Кристина Дармаева черно-белые татуировки, графика
тату-мастер Кристина Дармаева черно-белые татуировки, графика
тату-мастер Кристина Дармаева черно-белые татуировки, графика
тату-мастер Кристина Дармаева черно-белые татуировки, графика
тату-мастер Кристина Дармаева черно-белые татуировки, графика
тату-мастер Кристина Дармаева черно-белые татуировки, графика
тату-мастер Кристина Дармаева черно-белые татуировки, графика
тату-мастер Кристина Дармаева черно-белые татуировки, графика