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Articles about tattoo artists and tattoo models on iNKPPL.com

Articles about tattoo artists and tattoo models on iNKPPL.com
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Every day, we are telling about real masters, famous tattoo models and the variety of styles and techniques of modern tattooing.

It's time to write about you!

You have the opportunity to open your talent to the whole world on the pages of the international online magazine about tattoo art iNKPPL.com

Most Popular Publishing Formats

Review article with a repost on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter- $130

In the review articles we tell about the master or model, the creative way, the style and techniques of tattooing, we show a professional portfolio to our readers from all over the world.

Examples of articles

Exclusive Interview with a repost on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and placing a banner on the main page of the magazine for a month - $326!

The publication format involves both a personal interview, by prior arrangement, and remote, through social networks and e-mail.

Examples of Interview

Our readers include world-famous tattoo artists, models, studio owners and famous tattoo brands all over the world, irresistible fans of tattoo art and many others!

Do not miss your chance to declare yourself to the whole world!

To order or clarify the details of the publication, send an email to adv@inkppl.com.
Do not forget to include a link to your portfolio!

This offer is suitable for tattoo masters and tattoo models.

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