Tattoo Bombshell: Machine Gun Kelly's Surprising Cover Up Shocks Fans

21 / 02 / 2024 iNKPPL Team
Tattoo Bombshell: Machine Gun Kelly's Surprising Cover Up Shocks Fans

Machine Gun Kelly, known for his unconventional creative decisions and emotional approach to art, has once again amazed his fans. This time, his new tattoo has become the hottest topic of discussion in the world of music and fashion.

As it is well known, MGK has always had only three passions: music, his relationship with Megan Fox, and tattoos. This talented artist regularly emphasized his love for tattoos by adding new works to his body. Until recently, the number of tattoos on his body approached an incredible figure — 90 pieces. However, now their number has significantly decreased.

Don't think that the singer decided to follow the example of his beloved and remove half of his body art. In reality, he did something more radical. The majority of his tattoos have been covered by a massive work combining blackwork and ornamental tattooing, creating a new canvas for his creativity.

The musician's new tattoo covers almost his entire torso: neck, chest, back, and arms from shoulders to wrists. The design may seem simple and minimalist to the average person, however, believe me, such work requires not only the strength and patience of the model but also the excellent skills of the tattoo artist.

This project was executed by the renowned American tattoo artist ROXX, known worldwide for her bold and conceptual blackwork and ornamental works. She shared that before starting the work with the artist, they went through a special ritual similar to a "spiritual consultation," during which Machine Gun Kelly concluded that his old tattoos no longer resonated with his modern views and ideals.

Creating this tattoo took ROXX and Machine Gun Kelly a little over two months, starting from mid-December last year. Sessions were held four days a week, each lasting six hours.

Based on all of the above, it can be concluded that Machine Gun Kelly's new tattoo has become not only a reason for changes to his body but also a symbol of a new phase in his creative life. However, among his fans and on the internet in general, there are heated debates about this transformation.


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