11th International Moscow Tattoo Convention

11th International Moscow Tattoo Convention, May 16-17, 2020 / Photo: https://moscowtattooconvention.com/

On May 16 and 17, the most waited and the most significant tattoo event of a global scale will be held in Moscow, Russia!

Today, to stay on the wave, it is not enough just to follow the latest events, exhibitions, theatrical productions and cinema. You need to be aware of the rapidly changing reality and realize that the tattoo has already taken its place of honor in the life of modern society.

Tattoo, as a phenomenon of an modern culture, is shocking, striking in its execution, they argue about it. But the debate today is not about whether or not to be drawings on the human body. And what about - which palette to choose, which style is most relevant, which tool to use for application - modern tattoo machines or hand-poke?

11th Moscow International Tattoo Convention

The Moscow International Tattoo Convention is designed not only to answer these questions, but also to talk about the latest technologies, important names and trends, to familiarize the public with the real tattoo culture. During its ten-year existence, the tattoo convention has turned into a festival with international headliners and many activities: master classes, exhibitions, contests and art installations.

11th Moscow International Tattoo Convention

For fans of contemporary art and responsible development, we organized the MONOKULTURA project. The project will feature:
- lectures from specialists from various fields of science and culture (anthropology, art, medicine, digital, vr, pr, self-development and tattooing);
- art installations on the theme of the connection of tattoos and art;
- an exhibition of paintings by tattoo artists in different styles and directions;
- an art robot that prints photos with tattoos in real time;
- new names in the tattoo world, foreign tattoo artists - participants and winners of international tattoo conventions.

11th Moscow International Tattoo Convention

You can find out more about the participants of the 11th Moscow International Convention Tattoo on the official website: http://moscowtattooconvention.com/ . There you can choose your artist and sign up for a session with him, discussing in advance the drawing and all the nuances. You will not only get a great first-hand tattoo, but also take part in contests that will take place all days of the festival. And if you're lucky, get a prize and universal recognition.

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