Old School Tattoo Style

06 / 08 / 2018 Anton Yarovoy
Old School
Old School Tattoo Style / Source: pinterest.com

The Old School style in tattoo culture appeared over 100 years ago. Yes, it is considered old, but it does not hinder its development. On the contrary, every year it acquires new colors and forms. Old School themes are mostly nautical, as sailors and travelers fell in love with this style. Symbols depicted on the body carry a specific meaning and are intended to protect the traveler or just shield him from failures. Wearers believe that these symbols are life talismans.

The Meaning of Some Old School Style Tattoos

All tattoos have a specific meaning. They carry a message. You choose exactly what suits your spirit and your life. Let's take a look at some of the meanings behind the symbols.


oldschool tattoo якорь

This image is associated with the confidence of standing on one's own feet. It is a classic Old School design. Usually, experienced sailors got this tattoo, as if anchoring to the ground, having a chance to come back. Sailors also believed that an anchor on their body would not deviate them from their course. But this tattoo also had another meaning and it signified that the wearer had once crossed the Atlantic.


oldschool tattoo ласточка

This design always symbolized homeland. Sailors said that if this symbol was tattooed on their body, then the land was also not far away. Travelers believed that by tattooing a swallow on their body, they were guaranteed to return home. This symbol also meant that the sailor had sailed 5,000 miles on the water.


морская звезда oldschool tattoo

The depiction of the North Star (historically used by sailors for navigation at sea). The star helps keep the sailor on the right course and also symbolizes help in returning the sailor home.


Oldschool tattoo heart сердце

When sailors went on long voyages, they often feared they might not return home, so they would tattoo a heart on their bodies to keep their loved ones close. Sometimes these hearts were abstract symbols, but often the tattoos were dedicated to specific people, with the addition of the words "mom" or a girlfriend's name. The heart remains one of the most popular symbols for both sailors and ordinary people.


oldschool tattoo razor бритва

People with emotional and powerful personalities often had images of razors tattooed on their bodies. Razor tattoos were also popular among outlaws or those who had struggled with heavy drug use in the past. The sharp razor represents an explosive and unstable character, while drugs are associated with a dangerous blade used to cut drugs into lines.


Oldschool tattoo cherries вишни

The cherry is considered a popular symbol for girls and women, representing chastity. If a cherry is depicted on a branch, it represents the innocence and purity of a girl. If the cherry has a bite taken out of it, it symbolizes a woman who has already matured. And if the cherry is depicted on fire, it represents a passionate nature.

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