The black tattoo will never go out of fashion, and the tattooers who professionally work with this pigment will never be left without clients.

Black tattoo artist André Fantini creates expressive graphic works, preferring scary, mesmerizing horror-style plots.The tattoo artist demonstrates how black pigment alone can create such voluminous, detailed and gloomy tattoos.

The characters of André's tattoos are definitely not friendly - tigers, wolves and skulls look at the viewer from the other world, intimidating with powerful jaws. At the same time, smooth and soft lines of flowers and leaves become the background for his characters. It is this tandem of the beautiful and the frightening performed by André Fantini that fascinates at first sight.

André Fantini now lives and works in Dublin, Ireland, and book clients at his private studio SANCTORUM TATTOO.

André Fantini hand tattoo blackworkAndré Fantini dark tattsWolf black tattoo by André Fantini André Fantini blackwork tattooDark tattoo by André Fantini Blackwork tattoo sleeve André Fantini Black Hands tattooTattoo sleeve by André Fantini