Italy is the birthplace of the famous Renaissance, as well as many truly great artists! Suffice it to name just a few names: Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Santi... This list goes on and on! Centuries later, looking from the present day, we can safely say that without the contribution of Italian artists, sculptors, architects, the world would be much more gray and gloomy.

The tattoo school of modern Italy also does not betray the heritage left by its ancestors. In the works of Italian tattoo artists there are echoes of that past era, expressed in images, poses, drawing techniques, but there is also that search for the new, immortal and pure, pushing the boundaries of styles and pushing artists to experiment.

Today we want to tell you about an Italian tattoo artist whose work is a direct continuation of her creativity outside of tattooing. Please meet Anita Rossi.

Tattoo artist Anita Rossi

«I graduated with a concentration in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice after completing my artistic high school studies. It was an important and privileged course of study for my artistic training. I do not know how to define my style; it is the translation of my method of drawing on paper to skin. It is a collection of sensations derived from a pictorial concept and anatomical knowledge of the body in order to create a single graphic composition.» - Anita said
sketch graphic tattoo by Anita Rossi

Sketch graphics tattoo by Anita Rossi

Her work is a mixture of several styles at once: graphics, sketch, linework and fineline. Often, Anita's tattoos are indistinguishable from a drawing on paper. All the same strokes, all the same thin lines, however, the skin is very far from paper, and only a true professional can work with it in this way.

«I continue to draw everything manually, primarily on calligraphy paper. To continually refine the line and to be able to examine it again. Respecting the size, proportions, rotations, and color of the complexion is fundamental. The skin is not paper; it is a living support in constant evolution. The unconventional use of the line, in the game of thicknesses and voids that predominate over solids (lines, overlaps, no shadings or fillings), are distinguishing characteristics of my tattoos, characteristics that I am constantly studying and refining.» - Anita Rossi

Sketch graphics tattoo on the hip by Anita Rossi

Looking back at the biographies of the great classical artists, it is difficult now to imagine that often the owner of such a genius could not feed himself and his family with the help of a talent. However, in the present time, with the integration of tattoo art into society, artists have a reliable support.

sketch graphics sleeve tattoo by Anita Rossi

Portrait in flowers tattoo by Anita Rossi

Painting and tattooing have been firmly intertwined, allowing truly stubborn and talented artists to completely devote themselves to art and reach incredible heights. And each of the living tattoo artists is trying to bring their contribution to the development of this culture.

«I am beginning to work on a project that I hope to implement in Italy within the next few years: an exhibition to promote tattoo art not only as a form of communication, but also as a significant historical/cultural and artistic element. I will compose an essay on the same subject. Painting is a constant of the past, present, and future. I continually examine my pictorial style in an effort to evolve it, integrate it, and find new stylistic forms to incorporate into my tattoo.» - said Rossi

Tree on the chest tattoo by Anita Rossi

Full back tattoo by Anita Rossi

Black sketch tattoo by Anita Rossi
graphics tattoo by Anita Rossi

Sketch graphics tattoo by Anita Rossi