In the vibrant realm of tattooing, where skin becomes a canvas for storytelling and self-expression, one artist stands out for her unique blend of creativity, passion, and unyielding dedication. Maiza, a trailblazing tattoo artist, has crafted a remarkable journey that transcends borders and stereotypes, weaving her artistic vision across continents and cultures.

Tattoo artist Maiza Van Bommel

Born amidst the vibrant rhythms of Brazil, Maiza's odyssey into the world of tattooing commenced nine years ago, a serendipitous union of destiny and artistic fervor. "Drawing has always been a means for me to create another reality, a sanctuary where I could express myself freely," she reflects, tracing the origins of her artistic calling. What began as a means of escapism burgeoned into a fervent dedication to craft, fueled by an innate desire to sculpt a brighter future for themselves and their loved ones.

Currently based in the United Kingdom, Maiza's nomadic spirit has led her on a quest for artistic exploration, with upcoming ventures slated for Dublin and Paris. Her journey serves as a testament to the universal language of art, transcending boundaries and forging connections with souls yearning for expression.

Tattoo artist Maiza Van Bommel

Reflecting on her artistic evolution, Maiza offers insights into her distinctive style—a tapestry woven from threads of fantasy, poetry, and boundless imagination.

"There was a lack of soul... making a bird or tiger because it's beautiful was not enough for me anymore," she confess.

It was amidst the verdant landscapes of Ireland that she discovered a newfound muse, delving into the realms of fantasy and poetry to breathe life into her creations. Her style defies categorization, each design a manifestation of emotions translated into ink, a testament to the power of storytelling through art.

Tattoo artist Maiza Van Bommel

Drawing inspiration from literature, folklore, and the "good" human experience, Maiza's creative process is an alchemical blend of words and imagery.

"Poems, fantasy books, and folktales — these are the wellsprings from which I draw my inspiration," she explains.

Each design is imbued with a narrative, a whispered tale of dreams and aspirations etched onto the canvas of skin.

Tattoo artist Maiza Van Bommel

For Maiza, tattooing transcends mere technique; it is a sacred dialogue between artist and client, a shared journey of self-discovery and expression.

"Tattooing is the intersection where art meets reality, where our dreams come to life," she affirm, each stroke of ink a testament to the transformative power of creativity.

Despite her aversion to the confines of convention spaces, Maiza's journey has seen her participate in exhibitions, collaborate with renowned brands such Harley Davison , and serve as a jury member at prestigious tattoo shows. Her endeavors are a testament to her unwavering commitment to growth and exploration within the tattooing sphere.

Tattoo artist Maiza Van Bommel

Maiza actively participates in exhibitions, collaborates with renowned brands such as Harley Davison, and serves as a jury member at prestigious tattoo shows. These endeavors stand as a testament to her unwavering commitment to growth and exploration within the tattooing sphere.

Looking ahead, Maiza harbors ambitious goals for her career, aspiring to share her expertise through seminars and workshops, empowering aspiring artists to carve their paths in the industry. Her vision extends beyond the confines of the studio, encompassing entrepreneurship and brand-building, with a focus on fostering financial stability and artistic integrity.

Tattoo artist Maiza Van Bommel

In a world where artistry knows no bounds, Maiza stands as a lighthouse of inspiration, illuminating the path for generations of tattoo enthusiasts yet to come.